Ba­sic vanilla cup­cakes recipe

Makes 12 muf­fin size or 24 small cup­cake size

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- 125g un­salted but­ter, soft­ened - 1 cup caster sugar - 3 eggs - 1 tea­spoon vanilla ex­tract -1 cups plain flour - 1 tea­spoon bak­ing pow­der - cup (185mL) milk


- 50g un­salted but­ter - 2 cups ic­ing sugar - 2 ta­ble­spoons milk Sprin­kles or lol­lies (e.g. mini marsh­mal­lows or jaf­fas) to dec­o­rate


Pre­heat oven to 180°C. Place muf­fin pa­pers in one 12-hole muf­fin tray or cup­cake pa­pers in two 12-hole cup­cake trays. In an elec­tric mixer, beat but­ter for 2 min­utes un­til pale in colour and creamy. Add sugar one third at a time, beat­ing well be­tween each ad­di­tion. Add the eggs one at a time, beat­ing for about a minute be­tween each ad­di­tion. Add the vanilla essence and beat un­til com­bined. Sift flour and bak­ing pow­der and add half to but­ter mix­ture with half the milk, mix un­til well com­bined. Re­peat with re­main­ing flour and milk. Fill cup­cake pa­pers full (an ice­cream scoop is per­fect for this). Bake muf­fin size cup­cakes for 20-25 min­utes and small cup­cakes for about 15 min­utes or un­til a skewer in­serted into the mid­dle of a cup­cake comes out clean. Trans­fer to wire racks and al­low to cool com­pletely.


Cream but­ter un­til pale and smooth. Add the milk and half the sifted ic­ing sugar. Beat un­til well com­bined. Add the re­main­ing ic­ing sugar and beat un­til mix­ture is light and fluffy. The mix­ture should be a spread­able paste; if it is too dry add some more milk, if too wet add more ic­ing sugar. When cakes are cold, spread gen­er­ously with ic­ing and dip into sprin­kles or dec­o­rate with small lol­lies. For more bak­ing ideas for kids visit

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