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Anna Hunt com­pleted a Bach­e­lor of De­sign with first class honours re­cently and for her honours project de­signed a sig­nage sys­tem which she be­lieves should be adopted on New Zealand bush walks. The way-find­ing sys­tem,

is to aid tram­pers in reach­ing their des­ti­na­tion within New Zealand bush. She be­gan the project af­ter her sis­ter be­came lost while tramp­ing in Waio­hine Gorge area, ne­ces­si­tat­ing a search and res­cue call out. The main fo­cus of her project was the t-in­ter­sec­tion points and the or­ange tri­an­gles leading people along the track. ‘‘I have changed the tri­an­gles, which cur­rently look like an equilat­eral tri­an­gle so it is dif­fi­cult to tell which point of the tri­an­gle is di­rect­ing the tram­per, to a no­tice­able ar­row de­sign. ‘‘These are still coloured or­ange but change to yel­low when the tram­per is ap­proach­ing an in­ter­sec­tion. ‘‘This is a vis­ual cue that a de­ci­sion point is ap­proach­ing. ‘‘The in­ter­sec­tion signs are yel­low as well, telling the tram­per what lies in each di­rec­tion. ‘‘Once the tram­per has made the cor­rect turn, the ar­rows turn from yel­low back to or­ange.’’ She re­alises her project is con­tro­ver­sial. ‘‘In my opin­ion, there needs to be a change or an up­grade to the wayfind­ing sys­tem cur­rently in place. ‘‘I re­alise . . . there are the purist tram­pers that do not want signs and mark­ers to over­take the beauty of the bush. How­ever, tracks can be un­clear and hard to fol­low, caus­ing prob­lems and dan­gers to those who are un­fa­mil­iar with the ter­rain.’’

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