Adored pup chased over bank

A pet goes miss­ing and raises ques­tions about how much con­trol we should have over dogs in pub­lic places. Deb­bie Jamieson re­ports.

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A dog house lov­ingly crafted from a card­board box sits empty in the lounge at 12-year-old Skye Thomp­son’s Frank­ton home.

Skye had al­ways wanted a dog and she spent her sum­mer hol­i­days walk­ing a friend’s dog to earn the money to buy Luna at the end of Jan­uary. She chose the Mal­tese/Pekingese cross from a lit­ter of three and named her Luna in keep­ing with her own ce­les­tial name. ‘‘I held her the whole way home and slept with her. She was re­ally tiny.’’

Skye’s de­vo­tion was such that she took Luna to puppy preschool, walked with her and played with her ev­ery day. And she met all of the ex­penses her­self, in­clud­ing vac­ci­na­tions and mi­crochip­ping. All up, about $800 of her hard­earned cash.

But ev­ery­thing changed three weeks ago when Skye’sMumColleen took Luna for a walk be­fore tea at the neigh­bour­ing re­serve at the bot­tom of River­side Rd where she saw a woman walk­ing from the op­po­site di­rec­tion with a lead in her hand.

‘‘The next minute this dog was on the bank and came run­ning to­wards Luna. It was huge. She (Luna) saw it come and turned around and started to run. The other dog chased her and the lady called to her dog and he didn’t come back and I was call­ing to Luna.’’

The dogs dis­ap­peared down a bank, where there was a slip. She saw the large dog re­turn but Luna was not seen again.

‘‘Skye came back with me and we called and called but there was noth­ing.’’

The next four days were spent search­ing but there was no sign of Luna. Fly­ers were made and put up around the area while posts were made on so­cial me­dia pages such as Queen­stown Trad­ing and Face­book.

Many of them re­main but still there has been no sign of Luna.

‘‘The hard­est thing is not know­ing what hap­pened to her,’’ said Colleen.

‘‘I don’t think the dog was vi­cious. I don’t think he was chas­ing her to kill her. If he had, we would have found her. There’s a lot of small places down there. I won­der if she went down a rab­bit hole or has taken off and ended up at the delta and some­one’s picked her up. I just don’t know.’’

Colleen doesn’t blame any­one but her­self for Luna’s dis­ap­pear­ance.

‘‘At the end of the day my dog was off the lead and given the size of her I prob­a­bly should have taken more steps to pro­tect her but it is such a lovely place to have dogs off leads. I don’t want to spoil that.’’

But Skye does not blame her­mu­mand she has re­jected her mum’s of­fer to buy a new puppy.

‘‘If you get given some­thing you don’t ap­pre­ci­ate it but if you pay for it yourself you take re­ally good care of it,’’ Skye said.

Miss­ing puppy: Skye and Colleen Thomp­son with one of the many fly­ers dis­trib­uted in the Frank­ton area in the hope Skye’s five-month-old puppy Luna will be found.


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