Bins should not be com­pul­sory for house­holds

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Hav­ing read the leading ar­ti­cle in the Mir­ror (July 9) we wish to add our com­ments in sup­port of the ag­grieved res­i­dents of Ban­nock­burn. As res­i­dents of a Cen­tral Otago life­style block 50km out of Alexan­dra, we thank­fully have no rubbish collection. We have hap­pily slipped into a sim­i­lar rou­tine used by them of de­liv­er­ing the re­cy­cling and rubbish to the ap­pro­pri­ate de­pots. Like other cor­re­spon­dents one small $3 bag of rubbish is all we have for the month which is dropped off when we are in Alexan­dra for other shop­ping.

As en­vi­ron­men­tally con­scious people we want to ask the coun­cil how can hav­ing one bin for ev­ery­thing, ie no re­cy­cling bin, pos­si­bly be seen as a step for­ward in ei­ther cus­tomer ser­vice or care of the en­vi­ron­ment?

We also be­lieve that the bin sys­tem should not be com­pul­sory but any house­holds that wish to have bins should au­to­mat­i­cally be given a re­cy­cling bin as well. We feel in­censed that the CODC is tak­ing such a high handed at­ti­tude re­gard­ing the bins and con­se­quent costs to the rate pay­ers con­cerned and the en­vi­ron­ment.

We wish to send the mes­sage to the CODC that if other coun­cils can make bins op­tional . . . so can you ! Lorna Shepherd

More work needed

Well July is here, our new red lid bins are in oper­a­tion, and I for one have al­ready missed a collection day. Need­less to say some ad­just­ment is re­quired by all.

I am a sup­porter of mod­ernising our waste collection in Cen­tral. How­ever, I don’t be­lieve we have gone far enough! Here is my thought and I hope you will pon­der this. We ‘‘re­cy­cle’’ ap­prox­i­mately 40 per cent of our to­tal waste, that is the light stuff. We don’t re­cy­cle the other sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of our waste which is or­ganic, also at around 40 per cent of our to­tal waste. The big dif­fer­ence is the weight, or­gan­ics (food waste es­pe­cially) is heavy! Our coun­cil pays for waste by weight go­ing into the land­fill, so if we re­ally want to do some­thing let’s re­duce the weight go­ing to land­fill. I home com­post as many oth­ers do, how­ever what about ev­ery­one who doesn’t? We missed our op­por­tu­nity with the wheelie bins we have just handed back. They were al­ready in circulation and would have made fan­tas­tic green waste bins! Or is it too late?

Amy Scott, pat on the back and thanks for scratch­ing the sur­face, love your home com­post­ing.

Name with­held

What a load of . . .

If the CODC wants to de­crease non re­cy­clable rubbish and in­crease re­cy­cling they can’t just do this by sup­ply­ing us with a new bin and cut­ting ser­vice in half! I think this is the wrong way for­ward.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make re­cy­cling as easy and as sim­ple to do as pos­si­ble.

People need to be able to get their re­cy­cling out eas­ily, have plenty of room for all the re­cy­cling they are go­ing to do and have full in­struc­tions on how to re­cy­cle.

Our re­cy­cling bins are too awk­ward to han­dle, seem­ingly de­signed by some­one who has no knowl­edge of er­gonomics. I’m pretty strong but I find it dif­fi­cult to lug a full re­cy­cling bin out to the street. Imag­ine how hard this is for some­one who isn’t able? Mine are of­ten over­full, with a box of card­board along­side and a bag of plas­tics that eas­ily blows away in a Nor’wester. They cer­tainly aren’t big enough to ac­com­mo­date the wheelie bin sized amount of re­cy­cling that the CODC thinks we will all sud­denly be pro­duc­ing now that they have waved their magic wand and cut rubbish pick-ups in half! What we need are full-size wheelie bins for our re­cy­cling, to be picked up weekly, with full re­cy­cling dos and don’ts on mag­ne­tised card to be stuck on the fridge for easy ref­er­ence, and writ­ten on the bins too. That would be a gi­ant step to more re­cy­cling.

What is hap­pen­ing with our old wheelie bins? I’ve heard some people say they are go­ing to be picked up, is this right? If not: does the re­cy­cling cen­tre have a way of mak­ing them into a com­post­ing bin? That would be a cool way to re­use them. From non re­cy­clables container to com­post bin! Or what about this? The old wheelie bins can be the new re­cy­cling bins! Reusing the plas­tic, with green lids to in­di­cate the greener planet we all want, and we al­ready have them to hand! How cool is that?

Kate Jensen

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