Ivy’s sur­vival can thwart gar­den­ers

Central Otago Mirror - - FRONT PAGE - Jane Wrig­glesworth Q. We­have a lot of ivy grow­ing through­out the gar­den. I have phys­i­cally re­moved ivy from a few trees and as much root as pos­si­ble, but there is almost im­me­di­ate re­growth. What do you sug­gest? A.

Ivy can be tricky to erad­i­cate. This peren­nial climber clings to almost any sur­face via a mass of small aerial roots.

It tol­er­ates pretty much ev­ery soil type, too. So you need to be vig­i­lant about con­trol. You can man­u­ally re­move any stems in con­tact with the ground and dig up roots but, as you’ve dis­cov­ered, any roots left be­hind will grow, so you need to do this reg­u­larly. If you don’t mind chem­i­cals, you could use a her­bi­cide. Where ivy has climbed up trees, cut vines at ground level then ap­ply her­bi­cide to the ivy on the ground (the ivy in the tree can be left to dry then peeled away from the tree). Her­bi­cide up­take be­gins to de­crease in as lit­tle as 30 seconds after cut­ting, so ap­ply im­me­di­ately. The eas­i­est ap­pli­ca­tion method is with a

Clingy: Ivy can be tricky to erad­i­cate.

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