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To be Vincent or not

Of the many mus­ings of Mr Mil­lis re­ported by the lo­cal press, surely the front page piece on a per­ceived need to change the name of the Vincent Com­mu­nity Board ( Mir­ror, Oct 15) has the least merit.

In my five years as a Vincent Com­mu­nity Board elected mem­ber, not one per­son raised a con­cern with me as to the name of the board; I sus­pect be­cause peo­ple had more im­por­tant mat­ters to dis­cuss.

The pro­posed ‘‘Alexan­dra/ Earn­scle­ugh/Manuherikia Com­mu­nity Board’’ must surely be a ques­tion in the next spell­ing bee, and I doubt whether the pro­posed trun­ca­tion to "Alexan­dra" would be met with joy in Clyde or Omakau.

Just as the pro­po­nents of the newly formed Molyneux Cricket Club saw the sense in a name that joined the com­mu­nity as one rather than ig­nor­ing vi­tal com­po­nents, the name ‘‘Vincent’’ should re­main to do the same.

Tim Cado­gan

The name Vincent has sig­nif­i­cant mean­ing and his­tor­i­cal rel­e­vance to a large num­ber of lo­cal Cen­tral Otago res­i­dents who re­side in a num­ber of small towns and ar­eas in and around Alexan­dra. In­ter­est­ing even du­bi­ous ori­gins as­so­ci­ated with the name is not a rea­son to make the change.

My un­der­stand­ing from my high school his­tory is that Oliver Cromwell, after whom that town­ship is named, was not in fact a squeaky clean character ei­ther.

I find Stu­art Mil­lis’s com­ment re­gard­ing the pre­vi­ous com­mu­nity board’s decision to re­name the amal­ga­mated Bor­ough and Coun­cil to be of­fen­sive and com­pletely lack­ing in any un­der­stand­ing of the im­por­tance of the name Vincent to many of our lo­cals. Would he like to re­name our prov­ince or our coun­try while he is at it? I won­der if old Vincent Pyke is not the only one with an ego prob­lem? Chris­tine

Brown Dis­ap­pointed that your news­pa­per keeps re­port­ing in­for­ma­tion from Stu Mil­lis. If this is the most im­por­tant thing he has to of­fer our com­mu­nity. That is sad.

K Cham­ber­lain What Cen­tral Otago re­quires is an in­de­pen­dent neu­tral board out­side the role of coun­cil that sup­ports all ages, based on the end of the school term.

Since lo­cal gov­ern­ment re­forms in 1989 the for­mer coun­ties within Cen­tral Otago should have been a ru­ral com­mu­nity board, and the for­mer bor­oughs should have been a ur­ban com­mu­nity board, the Dunedin city should of con­sid­ered the same, with the Otago Re­gional Coun­cil in­te­grated into the over­all plan.

The Cen­tral Otago Dis­trict needs to be re­duced by 50 per cent to re­flect on its core ser­vices, as a gov­ern­ment ap­pointed board is put in place to com­plete bud­gets, set rate and put in place a univer­sal rate for wa­ter up­grade etc.

The re­forms need to be re­viewed be­fore a con­sti­tu­tion cri­sis. We re­quire a sin­gle board that serves its res­i­dent and ratepay­ers of the Cen­tral Otago Dis­trict Coun­cil.

Glen Cal­lanan, Clyde

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