Take pre­cau­tions with firearms this sea­son

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1. Treat ev­ery firearm as loaded

Check ev­ery firearm your­self and pass or ac­cept only an open or un­loaded firearm.

2. Al­ways point firearms in a safe di­rec­tion

Loaded or un­loaded, al­ways point the muz­zle in a safe di­rec­tion.

3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire

Load the mag­a­zine only af­ter you reach your shoot­ing area. Load the cham­ber only when ready to shoot.

Com­pletely un­load be­fore leav­ing the shoot­ing area.

4. Iden­tify your tar­get be­yond all doubt

Move­ment, colour, sound and shape can all de­ceive you.

As­sume colour, shape, sound, and shape to be hu­man un­til proven oth­er­wise

5. Check your fir­ing zone

Think! What may hap­pen if you miss your tar­get?

What might you hit be­tween you and the tar­get or be­yond? Do not fire when you know oth­ers are in your fir­ing zone

6. Store firearms and am­mu­ni­tion safely

When not in use, lock away the bolt, firearm and am­mu­ni­tion sep­a­rately.

And never leave firearms in a ve­hi­cle that is unat­tended

7. Avoid al­co­hol and drugs when han­dling firearms

Good judge­ment is the key to safe use — Fish and Game NZ

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