Un­der-the-bridge va­ca­tion ends


The tourist who spent three weeks un­der the Queen­stown bridge ended his ad­ven­ture and flew home on Tues­day.

New Zealand-born Ti­mothy Ran­dall, 29, who ar­rived in Queen­stown with $150 in his pocket, had a fam­ily friend buy him a ticket home to Auck­land.

Ran­dall said his ad­ven­ture liv­ing un­der the bridge near Queen­stown Li­brary had come to an end.

‘‘I feel re­lieved now....I need a shave. I look like I’ve been in the bush for a year,’’ he said.

When Ran­dall flew from Syd­ney he was ex­pect­ing to pocket a $400 tax re­fund on ar­rival and planned to use that money to see his fam­ily in the North Is­land.

With­out the com­mu­nity’s help he was in a ‘‘fi­nan­cially des­per­ate po­si­tion’’.

He had at­tempted to make some money by busk­ing but he only earned 70 cents in two nights.

Ran­dall said gen­er­ous lo­cals gave him a sleep­ing bag, food and about $40 in to­tal over three weeks. Queen­stown com­mu­nity sup­port cen­tre Hap­pi­ness House also pro­vided warm lay­ers, a blan­ket and daily show­ers.

It was Ran­dall’s first time vis­it­ing the South Is­land and see­ing snow on the moun­tains.

‘‘I’m al­most 30 years old and I spend all my life de­voted to fam­ily and work­ing.

‘‘It was time for me to see the part of this coun­try that I’ve never seen be­fore,’’ he said.

‘‘I need a shave. I look like I've been in the bush for a year.’’

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