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We are heav­ily into the lo­cal elec­tion cam­paign and all I have heard from the can­di­dates so far is in­sipid rhetoric.

You are all nice peo­ple but you have to earn your may­oral salary, should you be elected.

I want to hear your ac­tual ideas around in­fra­struc­ture, eco­nomic devel­op­ment, tourism and hous­ing and not your plans to have cof­fees with the lo­cals or post love notes in empty build­ings.

May­oral can­di­dates pur­port to want to in­crease tourism num­bers and grow the re­gion but I’ve seen no real ev­i­dence of plans for this to date.

I would hope a rea­son­able mayor might in­flu­ence coun­cil in or­der to stop what amounts to pun­ish­ing small busi­ness.

The fees are ridicu­lous. I re­cently heard of a lo­cal busi­ness want­ing to in­crease the num­bers of vis­it­ing tourists over the sum­mer by pro­vid­ing mod­est day­time food to add to their ex­pe­ri­ence and in­stead of con­grat­u­lat­ing them and bend­ing over back­wards to help, the coun­cil hold out their hand for $5K.

That’s a kick right there in the en­tre­pre­neur­ial spirit. No won­der small busi­nesses put their devel­op­ment plans in the too hard bas­ket.

Let’s hear what you re­ally plan to do in Cen­tral Otago; then we might all ac­tu­ally get out and vote.

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