My doom-mon­ger TV fail

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ful TV per­son.

I’ve al­ways tried to be the guy who says: ‘‘Hey, you may not be in a good place, but here’s how to get to a bet­ter one.’’

Ev­ery­one can make things bet­ter. Ev­ery­one can do the lit­tle things that month by month, im­prove their lots, re­duce their debts, and lift their sav­ings.

I was go­ing to tell peo­ple not to panic, and that we have a won­der­ful sys­tem in NZ Su­per. It’s ef­fi­cient, easy to un­der­stand, and is the envy of other coun­tries.

It means you won’t starve in retirement. It also means ev­ery dol­lar you put into Ki­wiSaver will make things bet­ter.

So save that dol­lar, and be less scared.

Shame­lessly, I am go­ing to quote US pres­i­dent Franklin Roo­sevelt. ‘‘The only thing we have to fear is fear it­self- name­less, un­rea­son­ing, un­jus­ti­fied ter­ror which paral­y­ses needed ef­forts to con­vert re­treat into ad­vance.’’

In my hum­ble, op­ti­mistic way, that’s the mes­sage I try to spread about per­sonal fi­nances.

I’ll not for­get my TV fail. If you saw it, I hope you will.

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