‘Honey, no - we’ve won $18 mil­lion’


A young Cen­tral Otago cou­ple, ex­pect­ing their first child, have won Lotto’s $18 mil­lon power­ball.

The mar­ried cou­ple, who wish to re­main anony­mous, re­ceived an email on Sun­day from Lotto say­ing they had won a prize.

‘‘So I logged into MyLotto ac­count and saw the prize and thought ‘oh yeah, cool,’’ the man said.

It wasn’t un­til he filled out the prize claim form and went to show his wife that he found out how much they had ac­tu­ally won.

‘‘A bunch of our friends and fam­ily were around and I was pretty chuffed so I strolled into the lounge and told ev­ery­one we’d just won $18,000 with Lotto.

‘‘Ev­ery­one was ex­cited, but then my wife had a proper look at it and she said ‘ah honey, no – we’ve won $18 mil­lion.’’

He said find­ing out he’d won the $18m was ‘‘pretty un­real’’.

‘‘Ev­ery­one thought we were pulling their legs and we’d set up an elab­o­rate prank.‘‘

The cou­ple, who are preg­nant with their first baby, said they will now pay off their mort­gage, help out fam­ily and friends and give some money to char­ity.

‘‘We’re try­ing to keep level headed about it and not go crazy.’’


The cafe, post shop and Four Square in Omakau, Cen­tral Otago.

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