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Move seedlings out from your tunnelhouse where they were sown as seeds last month

and harden them off in a shel­tered space in prepa­ra­tion for plant­ing out into the open gar­den. The rough con­di­tions we’ve had lately will pass and the tem­per­a­tures will rise to nor­mal lev­els as soon, as they say, as school starts again! I don’t know if that’ re­ally true, but I hope it is, as we’ve been very pa­tient. If we are blessed with a long, hot, late sum­mer and au­tumn, veges that are planted now will catch up and pro­duce good crops – well, per­haps it’s too late for sweet­corn and pump­kins, but south­ern gar­den­ers never give up and are ever hope­ful of pleas­ant surprises. Another thing to re­mem­ber is to water your out­door seedlings as well. Although it may seem wet­ter than usual, the wind dries out soil very quickly, so any water the plants may have re­ceived can be lost to the air and they won’t do well as a re­sult of the dry­ness. does ap­pear, it pays to drop ev­ery­thing and sneak out­side for a quick bask. Pro­duc­tiv­ity in plants falls when light lev­els are low, and the same thing hap­pens with us. A cheer­ful out­look makes all the dif­fer­ence, and a sunny, cloud­less day cer­tainly helps.

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