New uni­forms con­sid­ered


Wakatipu High School is the only school in the area where girls wear shorts and long pants, al­though oth­ers are re­view­ing their poli­cies.

Prin­ci­pal Steve Hall said a new uni­form was de­vel­oped four years ago and as part of that girls were given the op­tion of wear­ing kilts and skirts as well as the items tra­di­tion­ally worn by male stu­dents.

Other high schools in the re­gion said that even though they had gen­der-spe­cific uni­forms, they would con­sider al­low­ing stu­dents to wear dif­fer­ent uni­forms if the ques­tion arose.

Dun­stan High School prin­ci­pal Reece Gold­smith said he was aware of a case in the past where a par­ent ap­proached the school and an ex­cep­tion was made to al­low a stu­dent to wear a dif­fer­ent uni­form.

At Mt As­pir­ing Col­lege, in Wanaka, girls wear cu­lottes in sum­mer and a kilt in win­ter, while boys have op­tions of shorts or trousers.

Prin­ci­pal Wayne Bosley said the gen­der spe­cific na­ture of the uni­form had been un­der dis­cus­sion in re­cent weeks and would be in­cluded in a full uni­form re­view re­cently an­nounced by the school board.

The re­view was prompted by a view that it was time to re­visit the uni­form, which re­mained gen­er­ally the same as when the school was es­tab­lished in 1986.

A re­view is also forth­com­ing at Man­iototo Area School where act­ing prin­ci­pal Mike Cork­ery says there are too many op­tions avail­able at the school, which has pupils aged from five to 18.

‘‘It’s not very likely that any of the boys would wear skirts in the Man­iototo,’’ he said.

Roxburgh Area School deputy prin­ci­pal Ja­son Moore said se­nior school uni­forms had been dis­cussed re­cently and the school was con­sid­er­ing a re­view.

There had been com­plaints from se­nior girls that the kilt was more ex­pen­sive than boys’ long pants but no spe­cific re­quests to wear a dif­fer­ent uni­form.

‘‘It would be in­ter­est­ing if we did. I don’t think we’d have an is­sue with it.’’

The move to­ward gen­der neu­tral uni­forms was an ‘‘in­ter­est­ing trend’’, he said.

‘‘I can see us prob­a­bly giv­ing a cou­ple of choices rather than ‘this is for boys and this is for girls’.’’

Cromwell Col­lege prin­ci­pal Ma­son Stretch was un­avail­able for com­ment. The school’s web­site lists skirts for girls and shorts and trousers for boys.

‘‘It's not very likely that any of the boys would wear skirts in the Man­iototo.’’

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