Costly to build a home in QT


It costs al­most 20 per cent more to build an av­er­age home in Queenstown com­pared to other places in New Zealand.

Ac­cord­ing to dwelling con­sent fig­ures from Statis­tics New Zealand, the av­er­age per square me­tre build­ing cost in Queenstown Lakes Dis­trict was $2268 in the year end­ing Au­gust 2016.

It cost $1827 per square me­tre to build in neigh­bour­ing Cen­tral Otago, while Auck­land was $2081.

The na­tional av­er­age was $1908.

Reg­is­tered Mas­ter Builders pres­i­dent Al­lis­ter Sav­ille, of Queenstown, said the cheap­est houses in the re­sort would cost about $2500sqm to build and were in ar­eas such as Sho­tover Coun­try.

Some of the most costly builds were in Mill­brook, near Ar­row­town, where a house would cost about $6500sqm.

Homes in Queenstown Hill or Jack’s Point av­er­aged over $4000sqm, he said.

‘‘They [Sho­tover Coun­try homes] were about $1800sqm at the end of last year and they’ve cer­tainly lifted their rates as well.’’

Wages had cre­ated a ‘‘ma­jor spike’’ in the build­ing cost.

‘‘The cost of liv­ing in Queenstown is quite high and so to sur­vive here you need a wage that matches what your cost of liv­ing is.

‘‘For work­ers to stay here they prob­a­bly need to be on the min­i­mum of $20 an hour and not on what they’ve been on up to un­til now,’’ he said.

Many con­struc­tion work­ers in­volved in the Christchurch re­build were mov­ing to Queenstown.

Sav­ille said trans­porta­tion dif­fi­cul­ties also pushed the build­ing price up.

‘‘We are pay­ing a lot more for freight and that has been put down to the Kaik­oura earth­quake.

‘‘Queenstown is one-way freight, so noth­ing goes out of Queenstown,’’ Sav­ille said.

Im­ported ma­te­ri­als de­pended on the United States dol­lar.

‘‘The good thing about hous­ing go­ing on Sho­tover Coun­try and Lake Hayes Es­tate is that it’s all flat build­ing, so the cost should be less than what we used to do orig­i­nally on the side of the hill.’’

The cost de­pended on the ma­te­ri­als used, with bath­rooms and kitchens nor­mally be­ing the most ex­pen­sive rooms in the house.

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