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Are we los­ing our way as hu­man beings?

Or is it al­ready lost?

Where is the care and com­pas­sion gone?

We have our el­derly pop­u­la­tion hav­ing to fight the rise of hous­ing.

They have lit­tle in­come, yet they are ex­pected to wear that rise.

How can it be that a group of coun­cil­lors can ig­nore what the mayor has asked?

He has taken the time to sit and lis­ten, see­ing what the hu­man im­pact would be on the el­derly with the rent in­crease, rather than see­ing a dol­lar sign.

As Ki­wis are we not known for our ‘‘Kiwi in­ge­nu­ity’’ she’ll be al­right we can fix this?

It’s not al­ways about hav­ing a quick, easy so­lu­tion that makes a great per­son, or com­mu­nity.

It is about stand­ing up for what is morally right, and treat­ing oth­ers how you would want to be treated.

No mat­ter what rea­son they all come up with to jus­tify their de­ci­sion, car­ing, hav­ing com­pas­sion and us­ing com­mon sense costs noth­ing.

Restor­ing dig­nity back to the el­derly is price­less.

I can’t help but won­der if it would be the same out­come if one of the coun­cil­lors’ mother or grand­mother were in this sit­u­a­tion.

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