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Why not have a team on all sports events for home school chil­dren? Then they can com­pete and qual­ify like ev­ery­one else. Come on, it can’t be that dif­fi­cult. All chil­dren, re­gard­less of what ed­u­ca­tion they are en­rolled at, de­serve to be treated like ev­ery­one else. Ku­dos to this child, she was bul­lied and still wants to be in­cluded. That takes guts. Schools not let­ting her tag onto their team, just an adult form of bul­ly­ing.

It’s dis­ap­point­ing and quite nar­row minded of the lo­cal schools to be ex­clud­ing chil­dren in this way. Who cares if there is a ‘qual­i­fy­ing race’, it’s not the Olympics. Sim­ply make an ex­cep­tion and let her com­pete. Any­thing less is child­ish and petty. Mikayla Niel­son, a fan­tas­tic age group triath­lete, was home schooled and went on to rep­re­sent NZ at the Youth Olympics.

This sort of ‘we know best, do as you’re told or get out’ at­ti­tude from pub­lic schools is what’s driv­ing peo­ple out of main­stream school­ing in the first place. For good­ness sake, why is it so hard to just let her run? If she has to be af­fil­i­ated with a school, why are the schools find­ing it so hard to let her wear their jer­seys? Schools are sup­posed to be part of the com­mu­nity. They should be wel­com­ing this kid and her fam­ily.

Easy: join an ath­let­ics club and do in­ter club ath­let­ics. Race against your times, and be the best you can be. Same goes for all club sports at any level.

You opted out of the school sys­tem. You can­not opt in to the bits you want to. That is the choice you make. Its an in­ter SCHOOL com­pe­ti­tion.

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