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salvias, sweet peas and zin­nias.


Ap­ply fruit tree fer­tiliser and as the soil warms up, mulch around trees to help keep weeds away and aid wa­ter re­ten­tion. Grape vines and ki­wifruit vines will be grow­ing vig­or­ously and may need some trim­ming to keep un­der con­trol.


To­wards the end of the month, early va­ri­eties of straw­ber­ries start to ripen, much to the de­light of birds, so make sure you cover plants with a net. Fun­gal Grey Mould or Botry­tis can af­fect straw­ber­ries so keep check­ing plants, re­mov­ing any in­fected leaves quickly. Adding pea straw or hay around plants also helps, and keeps the ripen­ing berries clean and healthy.

Cover your straw­ber­ries with a net.

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