NOVEM­BER GAR­DEN­ING Har­vest­ing salad veg­eta­bles

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Har­vest­ing the salad gar­den should have be­gun by now.

Keep up a reg­u­lar sched­ule of new plant­ings of let­tuces, spring onions, radishes and rocket to keep the salad bowl filled.

Get in a sow­ing of sugar snap peas in the first week of Novem­ber to give you a Christ­mas har­vest. These have the short­est ma­tu­rity of all the peas and will be the only ones ready by Christ­mas. The fresh young leaves are a sweet ad­di­tion to sal­ads.

Wait un­til early Novem­ber be­fore sow­ing corn or but­ter beans. Er­ratic ger­mi­na­tion and slow growth re­sult from sow­ing be­fore the soil is con­sis­tently warm. Corn is a very ni­tro­gen-hun­gry crop so pre­pare the soil with a good prod­uct, like Dal­tons Or­ganic com­post, Yates Dy­namic Lifter or sheep pel­lets to en­sure healthy fast grow­ing plants.

Dress all zuc­chini, cu­cum­bers, toma­toes with a lit­tle of these prod­ucts when plant­ing to get a good head­start.

Mulch your straw­berry crop with straw to keep mois­ture in and fruit clean. Side dress­ing with a lit­tle straw­berry fruit food is good if you haven’t al­ready fed them. Get your net­ting sorted, as the birds are best in­formed as to when the berries are ready. Flower gar­den

Get an­nu­als such as petu­nias and other sum­mer colour va­ri­eties planted now be­fore the gar­den dries out. Bare soil grows weeds.

Mulch again and en­sure there is a thick car­pet of pea straw to help re­tain mois­ture in rose beds and around other peren­ni­als to keep com­pet­ing weeds away.

Keep up a rou­tine of spray­ing Yates Su­per Shield on roses and Con­queror on oth­ers to kill aphids and their friends fort­nightly, un­til the heat of sum­mer slows the in­sect growth down.

Spray lawns with Tur­fix to kill weeds and prick­les be­fore the lawn hard­ens off for sum­mer. Weeds grow faster than grass so give a raggedy look to a lawn and lead to more mow­ing.

Side dress all fruit­ing trees and bushes with No­vatec or Nitrophoska Blue to en­sure a bal­anced feed sup­ply when the load comes on as they are bur­dened with fruit. Slow re­leas­ing both prod­ucts feed for three or four months get­ting the trees and bushes through the fruit­ing pe­riod.

Get swan plants in. Monarch but­ter­flies wont be far away now.

Any pots left va­cant when bulbs have died down can be spruced up with some of the new petu­nia va­ri­eties. Done in early Novem­ber, these will be at their best in the run-up to Christ­mas.

Keep plant­ing your radishes to keep the salad bowl filled.

Get swan plants in. Monarch but­ter­flies wont be far away.

Sugar snap peas will be ready by Christ­mas.

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