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Ōmakere School pet day was a fast-paced and fun event, with lambs, dogs and chil­dren tak­ing over the school field and dec­o­rated hats, art works, oven dish scenes, vase­line saucers and bak­ing tak­ing over the rest of the school.


Se­nior Room

Dec­o­rated Hat/Cap: Kaleb Shaw, Amber Harty, Brodie Chad­wick

Oven Dish Scene: Jono Clarke, Jour­ney Robin­son, Amber Harty

Art Work: Jono Clarke, Amber Harty, Jake Shaw Hand­writ­ing Sam­ple: Faith Gaf­fey-Mans­field, Dyllin McDon­ald, Jono Clarke Vase­line Saucer: Faith Gaf­fey Mans­field, Bryce Wind, Kaleb Shaw / Noah Shaw

Mid­dle Room

Dec­o­rated Hat/Cap: Bon­nie Ea­gles, Cait­lyn Humphries, Maija Panins

Oven Dish Scene: Maija Panins, Ro­nan McDon­ald, Har­ri­son Knight

Art Work: Jonty Ryan, Ro­nan McDon­ald, El­lie-May Oem­cke Hand­writ­ing Sam­ple: LhaniLee Chad­wick, El­lie-May Oem­cke, Cait­lyn Humphries Vase­line Saucer: Ro­nan McDon­ald, Anya Fo­ley, Ge­or­gia Leonard

Ju­nior Room

Dec­o­rated Hat/Cap: Fleur Bell, Beau Ben­nett, Zariah Davies Oven Dish Scene: Toby Humphries, Ge­orge Martin, Josh Reid

Art Work: Aba­gale McDon­ald, Meeka But­ler, Leilani Fo­ley Hand­writ­ing Sam­ple: Tan­nah Ward, Toby Humphries, Lachie Suther­land

Vase­line Saucer: Beau Ben­nett, Jack Ea­gles, Fleur Bell / Zariah Davies


Dec­o­rated Hat/Cap: Frankie Fo­ley, Kate Thomas, Mil­lie Humphries

Sand Saucer: Holly Bell, Madeline Humphries, Rosie Martin

Stu­dents Bak­ing

Se­nior Room: Raven Hemi, Brodie Chad­wick, Bryce Wind Mid­dle Room: Manaia Mani­hera-Lokame, Hay­ley Thomas, Ge­or­gia Leonard Ju­nior Room: Meeka But­ler, Han­nah Thomas

Adults Bak­ing: Jan Humphries, Teresa Mur­doch, Lizzy McNutt Lambs: Lhani-Lee Chad­wick, Jour­ney Robin­son, Amber Harty

Dogs: (Cat­e­gory 1) Brodie Chad­wick, Kaleb Shaw, Tan­nah Ward

Dogs: (Cat­e­gory 2) Dal­tar-Rae Pere-Fraser, Anya Fo­ley, Raven Hemi Miscellaneous Pets: Jake Shaw, Harry Suther­land, Maija Panins

Best Dressed Pet: Jour­ney Robin­son, Lhani-Lee Chad­wick, Madeline Humphries Preschool­ers

Lambs: Madeline Humphries, Ella Humphries, Rosie Martin Pets: Frankie Fo­ley, Kate Thomas

A big smile and a dec­o­rated lamb — who would want any­thing else?

It’s OK . . . this chicken needed a big hug be­fore it would com­pete in the pet day.

A con­tes­tant waits for in­struc­tions in the dog cat­e­gory.

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