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It was most in­ter­est­ing to read the Over­steer ar­ti­cle in Is­sue 48 ar­ti­cle on Nash mod­els. As a long-time Nash owner and col­lec­tor (some­one has to!) it is rare to see any­thing writ­ten here in NZ on what many would re­gard as an ‘or­phan’ make.

As I’ve owned three bath­tub Nash’s my­self, I’d like to point out the photo of the real car sit­ting ob­vi­ously in front of his grand­par­ents home is in fact most likely a 1949 or 1950 model and is NOT a 1951.

The last year of this body style had pro­nounced rear tail­fins un­like the more rounded ’49/’50 ver­sions. Most prob­a­bly, the car which the au­thor re­calls as a 1951 model, was a 1950 model sim­ply reg­is­tered here the fol­low­ing year. He thus has the right model to match his pop’s car!

I re­call the skeleton at Horo­pito as I bought some parts off it to aid in the restora­tion of mine. I be­lieve I may even have the body tag in my col­lec­tion which I’d be glad to make avail­able.

As for the com­ment about grand­dad pre­fer­ring to use a VW for trips, maybe he found it spright­lier than the big Nash. If ever you could call a VW sprightly! Though voted one of Amer­ica’s most com­fort­able long dis­tance high­way cruis­ers, the bath­tub Nash States­man mod­els were renowned as slugs.” Phil Gibbs Auck­land TH Thanks for the cor­rec­tion. I guess if it looks like a slug, then it should per­form like one as well? It would cer­tainly be pos­si­ble that the car was a pre­vi­ous model by the time it sold and was reg­is­tered here. I re­call in 1996 when I worked for the AA in New Ply­mouth I was do­ing mo­tor reg­is­tra­tions and a guy came in to reg­is­ter his brand new Lada (poor bug­ger!). When the VIN no. was en­tered into the LTSA (as I think it was then) sys­tem it came up with 1994 as the year of man­u­fac­ture, which was what it had to be reg­is­tered as. Need­less to say, our new Lada owner wasn’t happy about hav­ing a 1994 date on his new car, but that was how it had to be.

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