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That’s where Labour comes in. Our poli­cies are in­no­va­tive and pos­i­tively geared towards 2030 and be­yond.

They are em­bed­ded in core val­ues of re­spect, eq­uity and fair­ness of op­por­tu­nity for all peo­ple, not just those who have a sil­ver spoon-fed life. And not only in the cities.

Many younger peo­ple are dis­en­gaged.

Our first job is to en­gage them in the demo­cratic process.

If there’s some­one you know who is not in­tend­ing to vote – talk them round.

Bring your fam­ily along to the Meet the Can­di­dates meet­ings held around the re­gion.

Jump on­line and look at pol­icy – com­pare and con­trast across the par­ties.

En­gage in so­cial me­dia and watch the lead­ers’ de­bate. A cou­ple of questions?

Is New Zealand the way you want it to be at the mo­ment?

Are you go­ing to vote the same way you al­ways did – out of habit?

It’s prob­a­bly worth hav­ing another look at the poli­cies, or con­tact­ing me, then de­cid­ing. Up to you.

Labour stands for the peo­ple of New Zealand and pur­pose­ful eco­nomic growth.

Our poli­cies are power-packed with great ideas.

Like you, Labour wants our coun­try to be great.

#Let’s do this

Cherie Chapman, Labour


Cherie Chapman, Labour can­di­date for Clutha-South­land.

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