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The last three weeks in pol­i­tics has been a bit like watch­ing a chess game.

We’re start­ing to get a clear pic­ture of the pieces and the play­ers, if not the out­come.

There’s been spec­u­la­tion that the King-maker Win­ston will be of­fered the crown as the spoil of a coali­tion deal with ei­ther the Right or Left.

It’s not clear if the Queen of Hearts is mak­ing a bee­line for the top spot.

The An­gel Ardern’s been a bit coy about her as­pi­ra­tions; it’s all been about thrash­ing out the poli­cies she says, not the pol­i­tics, or who’s go­ing to be PM.

And what about Bill?

He’s like the Bishop on the chess board.

He moves in pre­dictable fash­ion - di­ag­o­nally in a straight line.

Maybe there will be check­mate on his care­taker-King po­si­tion. And the pawn?

Is that James Shaw - mere putty in more pow­er­ful hands, or are the pawns you and I, the vot­ers?

An in­ter­est­ing game.

Mary-Jo To­hill

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