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‘‘Keep­ing it for good.’’

This phrase and no­tion is ev­i­dence of the di­vide be­tween dif­fer­ent gen­er­a­tions.

I was re­minded of this while tran­si­tion­ing my wardrobe from win­ter to sum­mer - a risky thing to do in late spring in the south.

I’m torn be­tween the Gen­er­a­tion X - save it for a rainy day - and the Gen­er­a­tion Y - why wait think­ing.

If you’re Gen X or older, you may re­mem­ber grow­ing up, and hav­ing def­i­nite spe­cial oc­ca­sion clothes, the ones you kept for good.

If you wore your good clothes ev­ery­day, they wouldn’t be ‘‘good’’ any more, and you’d have noth­ing for the more spe­cial oc­ca­sions.

But clothes have be­come a lot more ca­sual, so the lines have blurred; the di­vide be­tween what’s good and what’s ev­ery­day isn’t the same.

The big bond be­tween the gen­er­a­tions?

Jeans. You can wear al­most any­thing with them, wear them al­most any­where and al­most any­one can wear them.

Mary-Jo Tohill

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