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To Jane Young and her For­est and Bird co­horts. Hope you saw Satur­day night news (Oc­to­ber 14).

This showed the an­ni­hi­la­tion of Adelie pen­guin chicks in the Antarc­tic caused pri­mar­ily by 300 me­tre to 400 me­tre fish­ing ves­sels slaugh­ter­ing the krill fish­ery in the south­ern wa­ters.

This over­fish­ing has also af­fected New Zealand’s pen­guin species and fish stocks.

Krill is one of the main cor­ner­stones of the ocean’s food chain, fed on by every­thing from whales, fish and birds, re­moved in vast quan­ti­ties; the whole ocean’s eco-sys­tem fails, as re­sults are show­ing.

Green­peace, you are wast­ing your time chas­ing whalers around the ocean. In the near fu­ture, due to lack of whale feed (krill), whales will starve to death.

Bernard Hill, Owaka

live­stock and poul­try feed, and in­creas­ingly for hu­man food sup­ple­ments.

Antarc­tic krill fish­eries are reg­u­lated by the Com­mis­sion for the Con­ser­va­tion of Antarc­tic Marine Liv­ing Re­sources - CCAMLR. In 2016 the reg­u­la­tions, based on biomass data gath­ered back in 2000, al­lowed for a to­tal catch of 3.7 mil­lion tonnes. It seems un­likely that this would ad­e­quately take into ac­count the needs of the many species of sea birds, seals and whales that de­pend on krill.

In the case of this year’s breed­ing fail­ure of a colony of 18,000 Ade´lie pen­guins, how­ever, it ap­pears to be climate change rather than the krill fish­ery that was the ma­jor cause. Unsea­son­ably ex­ten­sive amounts of sea ice around the Antarc­tic ter­ri­tory of Ade´lie Land forced the adult pen­guins to travel fur­ther

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