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This is a great self-sauc­ing dish that can be cooked on the bar­be­cue – it doesn’t take too much ef­fort and is mess-free.

1 whole fish (about 1kg), gut­ted, scaled

(I used snap­per) 1 lemon 5 basil leaves 8 small green-lipped mus­sels, scrubbed, trimmed 4 red and 4 yel­low small vine-ripened toma­toes 1 red onion, sliced 100g but­ter, diced 100ml white wine 400g baby po­ta­toes cooked in salted wa­ter, drained, tossed

in 100g but­ter and chopped pars­ley or mi­cro­greens

Pre­heat the oven to 180°C or pre­heat a bar­be­cue plate. Put a dou­ble layer of foil on an oven tray big enough to hold the fish. Place the fish on the tray and us­ing a sharp knife, make three or four slashes in the flesh.

Halve the lemon length­wise then cut three or four slices from it (so you have half moon shapes) and place one in each slash, along with a basil leaf. Ar­range the mus­sels, toma­toes and red onion in the tray around the fish, sea­son with salt and freshly ground pep­per and dot the but­ter pieces around. Driz­zle the white wine and the juice of ½ lemon over.

Top with an­other dou­ble layer of foil larger than the first and fold the edges in sev­eral times tightly so you have a sealed par­cel from which no steam can es­cape dur­ing cook­ing. Put in the oven or on the bar­be­cue and cook for 30 min­utes or un­til the foil bag has puffed up.

When ready to serve, take the foil par­cel to the ta­ble and care­fully cut the mid­dle open, be­ing care­ful of steam. Spoon the fish, mus­sels, toma­toes and some of the cook­ing liquor on to plates and serve with the po­ta­toes.

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