COURT­NEY SINA MERED­ITH shares an orig­i­nal poem in­spired by what Christ­mas means to her – fam­ily.


A year’s worth of long­ing in the shape of choco­lates and watches. You can dive with th­ese you can time travel… Peo­ple will equate you with power, the man at the shop as­sured me and he should know, sell­ing di­a­mond hours. Th­ese are the days I walked open fields do­ing my best im­pres­sion of the mist care­ful to walk into shad­ows so as to tell you, Christ­mas day,

another dark­ness van­quished another yon­der mea­sured the map of lands I col­lected, while you slept, my broth­ers. Ty­ing bows of red and gold writ­ing your names in sil­ver loops, here is a ga­tor claw here is the whole moon on a key ring… Here is my voice in a room full of strangers seek­ing you out from afar. The shine of your legs slic­ing wa­ter the mo­ment you’d come up for air look­ing over, my cue to wave, my turn to wait. On dif­fer­ent plan­ets in the same room glaz­ing the ham, yet again, your golden bod­ies bring the house to life. There’s the cross on your foot from the rocky side of the beach there’s the eczema that flares up when you aren’t sleep­ing well. It won’t be long be­fore lovers count your scars it won’t be long be­fore an­chors rich and strange re­veal them­selves. I want to tell you how fast it goes I want to say, you are many gar­dens, and the source of all things can be found within. In­stead, we break bread and laugh, the dog whines, the clouds clear. You are ten­der and an­cient you are break­ing my heart open and open and open. *Court­ney Sina Mered­ith is an Auck­land-based poet, play­wright, writer and mu­si­cian.

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