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Yukio sug­gests mak­ing Christ­mas tree sushi as a fun fes­tive cen­tre­piece, ei­ther us­ing home­made sushi or buy­ing some in from your lo­cal sushi shop.

Pile 24 pieces of sushi into a pyra­mid shape and top with herbs and pomegranate seeds, adding ex­tra wow fac­tor with a spun su­gar gar­nish if you so de­sire.

To make the spun su­gar gar­nish, com­bine 250g su­gar with 100ml wa­ter and 15ml lemon juice in a small saucepan and heat over medium-high heat un­til it be­gins to turn an am­ber colour and is 154°C when tested with a candy ther­mome­ter. Turn off the heat and leave to cool for a few min­utes.

Spray a sil­i­cone bak­ing mat with bak­ing spray. Dip a fork into the su­gar, al­low­ing any large blobs to drip off the fork and back into the pan, then flick the fork back and forth over the bak­ing mat so you get thin strands of spun su­gar.

Leave the strands to cool com­pletely then care­fully re­move from the bak­ing mat and ar­range over the sushi tree.

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