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IN THE LEAD UP TO OUR much an­tic­i­pated 2018 Cui­sine Good Food Awards, as we look at our emerg­ing fi­nal­ists and start to think about what this year’s cel­e­bra­tion of New Zealand’s finest restau­rants and chefs might look like, our thoughts turn to push­ing bound­aries and di­alling up the NZ flavour vol­ume (thanks Al!)

Spring is the per­fect time to turn to fresh and vi­brant flavours, but how do we make our NZ in­gre­di­ents re­ally sparkle? My thoughts turned to the stun­ning roasted car­rot that Christchurch chef, Alex Davies, once served me and how many times I have wished to eat that car­rot again. Art di­rec­tor, Fiona Las­celles, re­mem­bered a pump­kin ce­viche also cre­ated by Alex that blew her away. So, it seemed right to ask Alex to share his se­crets with you for mak­ing our won­der­ful New Zealand pro­duce shine.

For this is­sue, our team around the coun­try have fo­cussed on find­ing ways to in­spire you to cook with, and eat or drink, in­gre­di­ents that you might not nor­mally try.

Ginny Grant is tack­ling those damn tricky ar­ti­chokes. So beau­ti­ful to look at, but still a sur­pris­ingly scary prospect for many ac­com­plished cooks. Emma Gal­loway is serv­ing up rhubarb in salsa and jelly like you’ve never seen good old rhubarb be­fore. Fiona Smith couldn’t wait to get into the of­fal. I refuse to use all those cliché’s that have flooded every email as we’ve brain­stormed this fea­ture but I can guar­an­tee you of­fal in a tempt­ing and ap­proach­able way, paired with some ex­cep­tional sherry sug­ges­tions from mixol­o­gist, Peter Lowry.

Will Bow­man of­fers up in­spi­ra­tional sal­ads that will have you think­ing out­side the box about vege pos­si­bil­i­ties, and sea­sonal, pro­duce-driven cock­tails are so hot right now that Sarah Tuck has teamed up with the in­ven­tive team at For­resters Lane in Welling­ton to prove, once and for all, that cock­tails and food, con­sumed at the same time, can be friends. Per­son­ally, I have al­ways been a firm be­liever that they can’t.

So you can rest as­sured that my own bound­aries are also be­ing pushed as we shed our heavy win­ter lay­ers and take our first mag­nif­i­cently in­de­pen­dent leap into spring. Cui­sine style…

Read on, and eat and cook well.


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