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A French clas­sic pulling on a throw­back to win­ter.

25g but­ter

25g flour

250ml milk, heated

6 ta­ble­spoons of pear syrup (see be­low)

5 egg whites

6 ta­ble­spoons sugar hazel­nut pra­line and ground sugar for dust­ing 200ml whipped cream

To make the pear sauce, stir the but­ter and flour over a low heat un­til they have come to­gether, then con­tinue to stir un­til the flour bub­bles and smells nutty. Slowly add the hot milk, whisk­ing with a wooden spoon, then stir through the pear syrup.

Whisk the egg whites un­til soft peaks form, then slowly add the sugar while con­tin­u­ing to whisk. Keep whisk­ing un­til hard peaks form.

Add one third of the egg whites to the pear sauce, fold gen­tly, then add this mix to all the re­main­ing egg whites bring­ing them to­gether (this must be gen­tle or you will knock all the air out).

Put into ramekins, smooth the tops with the back of a knife and run a nap­kin around in­side of rim.

Bake at 180℃ for 10 min­utes and take out the oven once they have risen. Dust with ground sugar and pra­line. Serve with whipped cream.

Note: Pre­serve pears when they are avail­able by peel­ing them and poach­ing in a sugar syrup (50% sugar, 50% wa­ter). When they are cooked through, eat the pears with muesli and keep the syrup in ster­ilised jars.

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