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Events on the ASP Women’s Star Se­ries are held in many dif­fer­ent coun­tries. This year we com­peted in Aus­tralia, Europe, Peru and Amer­ica and at the back end of the Se­ries I had enough time be­tween comps to road trip with friends through France, Spain and Por­tu­gal. It was great. The scenery was breath­tak­ing, the peo­ple friendly and ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the dif­fer­ent cul­tures was amaz­ing. The Se­ries has come to an end for this year and my boards will be racked at home in Aus­tralia for a while now, so I’ve been en­joy­ing ex­per­i­ment­ing with my art­work and try­ing to ex­pand my knowl­edge of inks and water­colours.

Inks and water­colours have al­ways been my favourite medi­ums and I draw a lot of my in­spi­ra­tion from the ocean. Whales are my favourite things to paint. They are so beau­ti­ful and grace­ful the way they glide through the ocean and the use of water­colours and inks cre­ates the flu­id­ity of their move­ment through the water. More re­cently, I have been broad­en­ing my art me­dia to in­clude work­ing with clay. My Dad is really skilled in clay sculp­ture and he has en­cour­aged me to find ways to bring my ocean in­flu­ences to ce­ramic pieces. He re­minded me that about four years ago I had made a col­lec­tion of small plas­ter casts of the pat­terns in the sand at a lo­cal beach just down the road from my house, so I hunted them out and came up with the idea of us­ing them to form unique sur­faces on cof­fee mugs. I found work­ing with clay in­cred­i­bly hard at the start, but once I got the hang of it I en­joyed mak­ing the mugs. The use of my plas­ter casts and the ad­di­tion of shell im­prints on the mugs cre­ated the beach ef­fect I wanted and I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out.

No mat­ter what medium I am work­ing with my in­spi­ra­tion al­ways comes from the ocean and I love to use blue in my paint­ings. I am most com­fort­able work­ing with water­colours and inks be­cause they al­low me to cre­ate a fluid, translu­cent im­age on pa­per that in­vokes the ocean and brings to­gether my love of art and my love of surf­ing.

I share the love of art and the love of surf­ing with my Dad. When he was 17 he de­cided that clay was the medium he wanted to work with and he has been us­ing it to cre­ate won­der­ful ce­ramic pieces ever since. He now cre­ates quite large, wheel thrown, porce­lain ves­sels that are as del­i­cate as eggshells and per­fectly balanced on small bases. The ce­ramist Pip­pin Drys­dale, who is in­ter­na­tion­ally ac­claimed, glazes the ves­sels in colours in­spired by her love of the Aus­tralian land­scape which gives each piece a unique colour and pat­tern.

Many years ago an­other fa­mous West­ern Aus­tralian pot­ter, Joan Camp­bell, at­trib­uted Dad’s abil­ity to throw a large pot that was per­fectly balanced to the fact that he had ac­quired an un­canny sense of bal­ance through years of surf­ing. Per­haps she was right. He’s an amaz­ing surfer and his pas­sion and en­thu­si­asm for the ocean and surf­ing has been a huge in­flu­ence in my life and, like art, it’s a great bond we share.

Much Love, Felic­ity Pal­ma­teer

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