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The fore­hand carve is my favourite move, the way it looks and feels is ex­cit­ing and a lot of girls th­ese days are pulling it out of their box of tricks. It’s sim­i­lar to a cut­back but sharper and you tend to throw more spray. The best carves in the busi­ness would have to be in my opin­ion, Joel Parkinson and Steph Gil­more they know how to at­tack the face of the wave with style and flow. So be­fore you go out for your next surf read this ar­ti­cle and watch a bit of footage on the pros and you’ll be throw­ing carves left right and cen­tre in no time!

1: Make sure you have enough speed com­ing into your bot­tom turn to get to the top of the wave.

2: Use your front arm like a steer­ing wheel and di­rect your board to the top of the wave by point­ing your arm up­wards. Keep your back arm up at shoul­der level.

3. Look to where you want to go and your body will fol­low.

4. Once your board is in the lip of the wave, you need to bring your front arm around to face the white wash and open up your chest. (Shown in the pic­ture)

5. Bring your head around to look back in the di­rec­tion you want to go.

6. Start to com­press your legs and put most of your weight on your front foot so you can push out the tail of surf­board. ( This will cre­ate spray).

7. Stay nice and low and re­mem­ber wher­ever you look your body and board will fol­low.

I love the feel­ing of pulling off a new move, so give it a go and you’ll be throw­ing spray in no time! LEFT: Grace in ac­tion at the TSB Surf Fes­ti­val ear­lier this year | Im­age com­pli­ments of the in­cred­ble Daisy Day.

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