G200 dual axis ana­logue gy­ro­scope

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As GPS vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties to in­ten­tional jam­ming and un­in­ten­tional in­ter­fer­ence be­come key fac­tors for high-re­li­a­bil­ity nav­i­ga­tion, in­er­tial aid­ing to coast through out­ages be­comes an im­por­tant con­sid­er­a­tion for OEM in­te­gra­tors.

Mi­cro-elec­tro-me­chan­i­cal sys­tems (MEMS) have been seen as of­fer­ing the most promis­ing, eco­nom­i­cal way for­ward for cost-ef­fec­tive, com­pact in­er­tial and gyro so­lu­tions for al­most ev­ery ap­pli­ca­tion go­ing.

How­ever, in the past, MEMS gyro and ac­celerom­e­ter com­po­nents from which in­er­tial and gyro sys­tems are built have not pro­vided per­for­mance any­where near as good as laser gy­ros (ring laser gy­ros, or RLG) used in the ma­jor­ity of high­per­for­mance in­er­tial sys­tems.

Now, as new MEMS in­er­tial sys­tems have be­gun to hit the mar­ket in re­cent months, the en­ve­lope ap­pears to be open­ing up on achiev­ing pretty high per­for­mance.

Bestech Aus­tralia is in­tro­duc­ing the G200 from Gla­di­a­tor’s break­through gyro tech­nol­ogy en­abling an ul­tra-low noise (ARW Noise 0.002°/sec/ Hz 1) and band­width of 200Hz that has per­for­mance com­men­su­rate with much more ex­pen­sive small dy­nam­i­cally tuned gy­ros. It also fea­tures in­dus­try-lead­ing bias in-run and bias over tem­per­a­ture.

De­signed for com­mer­cial sta­bi­liza­tion and air­craft ap­pli­ca­tions, the gyro has a bipo­lar sig­nal out­putting bal­anced 0V ±5V.

Weigh­ing only 18 grams, in­te­grated with tem­per­a­ture sen­sor and self-test­ing, the G200 pro­vides 0.005°/sec/g 1 G-sen­si­tiv­ity, con­sum­ing ul­tra-low power (<10 mA Typ­i­cal) and a shock re­sis­tance for 500g. En­vi­ron­men­tally sealed with bipo­lar out­put sig­nal and band­width of 200 Hz, the G200 2 axis gyro will de­liver out­stand­ing per­for­mance in ap­pli­ca­tions such as plat­form sta­bi­liza­tion, EO/ IR sta­bi­liza­tion, an­tenna sta­bi­liza­tion & point­ing, f light con­trol, nav­i­ga­tion, au­to­mo­tive test­ing and lab­o­ra­tory use.

Bestech Aus­tralia’s long-term part­ner, Gla­di­a­tor, de­signs its own high-per­for­mance MEMS gy­ros and ac­celerom­e­ters and uses a fa­b­less model to pro­duce them.

The prod­uct line Bestech Aus­tralia dis­trib­utes goes all the way from au­to­mo­tive gy­ros up to the lat­est high­per­for­mance GPS/INS.

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