Hy­draulic soft start re­lief valves

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Pres­sure shocks in hy­draulic sys­tems can cause in­sta­bil­ity in cylin­der or mo­tor ac­tu­a­tions and also shorten the life of both hy­draulic and me­chan­i­cal com­po­nents. Hy­draulic Car­tridge Valves has two so­lu­tions to elim­i­nate this very com­mon is­sue.

The first so­lu­tion is the RP*T, which is in­ter­change­able with SUN re­lief car­tridge valves, or can be sup­plied in a stan­dard man­i­fold. The RP*T is a pi­lot op­er­ated soft start bal­anced poppet re­lief valve, it ramps pres­sure up from a 'thresh­old' pres­sure to the 'max­i­mum' set pres­sure over a fixed pe­riod of time, which is slow enough to elim­i­nate all pres­sure spikes.

The sec­ond so­lu­tion is the HCV 211 ad­justable soft start valve. This ver­sion comes in a stand­alone man­i­fold, or could be de­signed into a cus­tom man­i­fold to suit your ap­pli­ca­tion. The soft­ness or hy­draulic pres­sure ramp­ing can be set from a few mil­lisec­onds up to sev­eral sec­onds depend­ing on the sever­ity.

Both valve so­lu­tions will elim­i­nate pres­sure over­rides and re­duce me­chan­i­cal stress. These ad­justable soft start valves can be set to give ex­tremely smooth ac­tu­a­tion to sys­tems that are util­is­ing on/off/on so­le­noids.

They are also par­tic­u­larly use­ful on sys­tems where cylin­der bounce oc­curs on a coun­ter­bal­anced low­er­ing load. The pres­sure rate will grad­u­ally build up giv­ing the coun­ter­bal­ance valve a chance to open slowly in a con­trolled man­ner, elim­i­nat­ing the shud­der and flex­ing.

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