In-house ni­tro­gen pro­duc­tion for in­de­pen­dence

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When it comes to sourc­ing a ni­tro­gen sup­ply, com­pa­nies are faced with the choice of pro­duc­ing their own or tak­ing out a con­tract with a sup­plier.

There are ad­van­tages in pro­duc­ing ni­tro­gen in-house; users get the pu­rity, out­put and de­liv­ery f low that their spe­cific pro­cesses call for. Depend­ing on the par­tic­u­lar use, this can be cheaper than hav­ing it de­liv­ered.

By do­ing away with liq­uid gas tanks on the fac­tory premises, com­pa­nies not only free up space but save con­sid­er­able ex­pense, since stor­ing gas is sub­ject to strict safety reg­u­la­tions.

Gen­er­a­tors for in-house ni­tro­gen pro­duc­tion, how­ever, pay for them­selves within less than three years, depend­ing on the pu­rity of the ni­tro­gen re­quired. In ad­di­tion, com­pa­nies can mon­i­tor not only the pu­rity, but the ni­tro­gen quan­tity gen­er­ated.

Boge is a sys­tem provider that of­fers users a com­plete pack­age for gen­er­at­ing ni­tro­gen. The cen­tre­piece of this all-round so­lu­tion is the ni­tro­gen gen­er­a­tor selected from the N7P to N56P range.

Closely tai­lored to the ni­tro­gen de­mand, it de­liv­ers pu­rity grades of up to 5.0 (99.999 per cent). Be­sides the ni­tro­gen gen­er­a­tor it­self, com­plete with sys­tem ves­sels and re­ceivers to gen­er­ate ni­tro­gen, users also re­quire a com­pressed air sta­tion made up of a com­pres­sor, re­frig­er­ant dryer, fil­tra­tion, ac­ti­vated car­bon ad­sor­ber and a com­pressed air re­ceiver.

If the com­pany al­ready has a com­pressed air sta­tion, the gen­er­a­tors can sim­ply be con­nected to the ex­ist­ing net­work.

Thanks to its mod­u­lar de­sign, it is easy to ex­pand or retro­fit the gen­er­a­tor on site. Up to two ex­pan­sion banks can be con­nected to each mas­ter bank. Each bank, in turn, takes up to eight dis­crete easy-to-fit mod­ules. The up to 24 mod­ules that re­sult pro­vide f lex­i­ble ni­tro­gen gen­er­a­tion of be­tween 1.3 and 265.8 Nm3/h.

Boge ni­tro­gen gen­er­a­tors are fit­ted with a ba­sic con­trol as stan­dard sup­ply. This can dis­play two read­ings, such as the pu­rity of the ni­tro­gen and the quan­tity of ni­tro­gen gen­er­ated.

The gen­er­a­tor can be rounded off with an op­tional mi­cro­pro­ces­sor or touch­screen con­trol to en­able additional read­ings to be dis­played.

The firm’s gen­er­a­tors use the pres­sure swing ad­sorp­tion (PSA) process to pro­duce ni­tro­gen.

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