Ther­mal sur­vey could save you from a fire

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When build­ings burn and people suf­fer, the in­evitable ques­tions fol­low thick and fast. How did it hap­pen? What was the cause? And the big one; how can we stop it from hap­pen­ing again?

As a pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sure, busi­ness own­ers are be­ing re­quired by some in­sur­ance firms to pro­vide ther­mal switch­board sur­vey re­ports as part of their commercial premises fire risk as­sess­ment.

Ther­mal sur­vey re­ports have be­come a valu­able busi­ness doc­u­ment that can lower in­sur­ance pre­mi­ums and help businesses save money as well as iden­tify dan­ger zones.

Faults that can be de­tected with a ther­mal imag­ing cam­era are in­di­cated by el­e­vated heat com­ing from the prob­lem area. The causes of these faults can range from a loose con­nec­tion on a cir­cuit breaker, an over cur­rent prob­lem on a cir­cuit or sim­ply a loose screw – faults that are typ­i­cally hard to see with the naked eye.

The commercial sec­tor is valu­ing in­frared tech­nol­ogy as it cal­cu­lates the cost sav­ings as­so­ci­ated with re­duced break­down main­te­nance and lost pro­duc­tion down­time.

The use of ther­mal imag­ing iden­ti­fies faults at an early stage, en­abling re­me­dial work to be planned around busi­ness op­er­a­tions.

Also, as faults are found early, the cost of re­me­dial works is far less than if left to the point where equip­ment fails and dis­as­ter fol­lows.

Ther­mal imag­ing sur­veys in­clude both in­frared and vis­ual im­ages to pro­vide those with­out elec­tri­cal knowl­edge, a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of the prob­lem and its im­pli­ca­tions.

The an­nual switch­board and elec­tri­cal dis­tri­bu­tion sys­tem ther­mog­ra­phy sur­veys pro­vides fa­cil­ity man­agers a vastly im­proved pic­ture of the con­di­tion of their as­sets, leading to bet­ter as­set-re­lated busi­ness de­ci­sions.

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