Space-sav­ing PUR spin­dle ca­ble

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The CF270.UL.D. sin­glecore bend­ing re­sis­tant con­duc­tor ca­ble, made of fine strands, has been de­vel­oped for f lex­i­ble oper­a­tion in en­ergy chains used in ma­chine tools.

This is a space-sav­ing al­ter­na­tive to the usual space-con­sum­ing four­wire servo ca­bles for such ap­pli­ca­tions.

Spin­dle drives are be­com­ing larger and more ef­fi­cient in case of ma­chin­ing cen­tres and ma­chine tools. To guide such higher en­ergy streams, larger con­duc­tor cross sec­tions are re­quired.

The con­se­quence is that servo ca­bles are be­com­ing thicker and thicker so that the ra­dius of the en­ergy chain goes be­yond the per­mis­si­ble space of the ma­chine tool.

This shielded sin­gle core ca­ble from Igus has been de­signed as a spin­dle ca­ble, mean­ing it is much thin­ner and suit­able for use in an en­ergy chain with a small ra­dius to a ma­chine tool.

In ac­cor­dance to the re­quire­ments for en­ergy chains, the outer jacket is made of an ad­he­sion-poor PUR ma­te­rial mak­ing it oil­re­sis­tant, notchre­sis­tant as well as halo­gen-free and also us­able in deep-tem­per­a­ture ap­pli­ca­tions.

The spin­dle ca­ble CF270. UL.D is avail­able in six dif­fer­ent con­duc­tor nom­i­nal cross sec­tions, out­side di­am­e­ters and cop­per num­bers.­eren­quiry #140635

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