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A vir­tu­ally main­te­nance-free way to ac­tu­ate valves, pumps, clamps, con­vey­ors and other ma­te­ri­als han­dling equip­ment is pro­vide by Fire­stone Airstroke ac­tu­a­tors from Air Springs Sup­ply.

Airstrokes op­er­ate without seals, shafts or in­ter­nal mov­ing parts to pro­vide ul­tra-re­li­able ac­tu­a­tion al­ter­na­tives for ma­te­ri­als han­dling tech­nol­ogy ex­posed to grime, de­bris and waste, which can dis­rupt the seals and shafts of con­ven­tion pneu­matic and hy­draulic cylin­ders.

The Airstroke range of­fers ac­tu­a­tion strokes rang­ing from 12.5mm for the tiny (16mm high def lated) Airo­matic poly­ac­tu­a­tor types typ­i­cally used on con­vey­ors, through to sin­gle, dou­ble and triple con­vo­luted mod­els with strokes of more than 300mm used as both ac­tu­a­tors and iso­la­tors across in­dus­tries such as man­u­fac­tur­ing to food and bev­er­age.

Elim­i­nat­ing lu­bri­ca­tion elim­i­nates an­other sticky sur­face for waste ad­her­ence. An­other ad­van­tage of this form of ac­tu­a­tion is the in­her­ent f lex­i­bil­ity of the ac­tu­a­tors when they meet their work­ing sur­face. Be­ing made of rub­ber and not hav­ing any rods or seals to dam­age, they can bend or f lex to the sur­face of belts, pipe­lines or con­veyor sec­tions, for ex­am­ple, Airstrokes can be in­cor­po­rated into pipe crawlers, gas pump­ing sys­tems, and pipe weld clamps.

Their f lex­i­bil­ity also makes them ideal for ap­pli­ca­tions such as belt take­ups or roller fric­tion ap­pli­ca­tions, where they may be ap­plied against an os­cil­lat­ing sur­face.

Airstrokes are used for lift gates, drive ta­bles, trans­fer sec­tions, belt ten­sion­ers, belt cen­tring guides, waste scrap­ers and fric­tion brakes.

The rub­ber and fab­ric ac­tu­a­tors – in effect, bal­loons or bel­lows en­gi­neered to par­tic­u­lar shapes for par­tic­u­lar tasks – are man­u­fac­tured by Fire­stone in ex­actly the same way as the air springs used as sus­pen­sion springs in heavy ve­hi­cles such as semi-trail­ers.

They can also stroke through a ra­dius without a cle­vis, elim­i­nat­ing both com­plex­ity and cost when en­gi­neers need to ac­tu­ate through an an­gle.

Their abil­ity to soak up shock without dam­age while de­liv­er­ing high­rep­e­ti­tion strokes means they are highly ap­pli­ca­ble to en­gi­neer­ing ap­pli­ca­tions rang­ing from stamp­ing and clamp­ing to pumps and con­vey­ors.

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