Re­li­able ob­ject de­tec­tion in gap­less con­veyor through­put

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Sen­sor firm SICK claims its pho­to­elec­tric sen­sor DeltaPac de­tects ev­ery ob­ject thanks to a new de­tec­tion process called Delta-S tech­nol­ogy.

This en­ables the de­tec­tion of in­di­vid­ual ob­jects, even where they are lined up end to end, form­ing a gap­less, con­tin­u­ous stream. This is an enor­mous leap for­ward for the con­struc­tion, de­sign and avail­abil­ity of pack­ag­ing ma­chines, as thanks to DeltaPac, ver­i­fi­able, re­source-con­serv­ing and con­tin­u­ously smooth pro­duc­tion can be achieved – thereby im­prov­ing pack­ag­ing pro­cesses.

The DeltaPac com­bines in­tel­li­gent Delta-S tech­nol­ogy, which com­prises four Pin­Point 2.0 LEDs and two high­res­o­lu­tion en­ergy scales, each with two re­ceiver el­e­ments, with ASIC SIRIC tech­nol­ogy, and an in­te­grated dis­tance mea­sure­ment sys­tem for the pur­poses of back­ground sup­pres­sion.

Said by the firm to be the first tech­nol­ogy of its kind in the world, the DeltaPac (42mm x 42mm x 45mm) en­sures er­ror-free ob­ject iden­ti­fi­ca­tion in a gap­less ma­te­rial stream.

It en­ables the re­li­able de­tec­tion of up to 200,000 pack­ages an hour at speeds of up to 3m/s, ei­ther from above or the side – key per­for­mance fig­ures in­dica­tive of the fu­ture of high-per­for­mance pack­ag­ing in­stal­la­tions.

DeltaPac’s prin­ci­ple of op­er­a­tion uses the edge con­tours of pack­ages and fold­ing boxes. The light beams from four Pin­Point 2.0 LEDs pass over the front of the ob­ject. In this state, the four re­ceivers of the two en­ergy scales re­ceive the same amount of light. There is a bal­ance.

If the lead­ing edge of an ob­ject moves into the light beam, the bal­ance is in­ter­rupted. This pro­duces a def­i­nite en­ergy and a switch­ing sig­nal, the qual­ity of which is un­af­fected by such fac­tors as colour, ob­ject size, sur­face, de­tec­tion back­ground, daz­zle, con­trast changes, or un­even­ness in the pack­ag­ing’s sur­face struc­ture.

This method re­li­ably de­tects ob­ject con­tours with radii be­tween 1mm and 20mm at switch­ing dis­tances of be­tween 30mm and 40mm.

Quick com­mis­sion­ing is com­pleted thanks to in­di­vid­ual con­fig­u­ra­tion – the DeltaPac of­fers both op­tions to sen­sor sys­tem in­te­gra­tors and man­u­fac­tur­ers of pack­ag­ing ma­chines.

This means that pre­con­fig­ured ver­sions of the sen­sor are avail­able specif­i­cally for round or pris­matic pack­ages or those with rounded edges, as well as for fold­ing boxes with vir­tu­ally rec­tan­gu­lar edges, with­out any set­ting el­e­ments for po­ten­tiome­ters.

For ap­pli­ca­tions that re­quire individually op­ti­mised de­vice con­fig­u­ra­tion, there is a vari­ant of the DeltaPac with IO-Link. With just a few mouse clicks, the SICK spe­cific SOPAS-ET soft­ware is able to en­ter the pack­ag­ing ra­dius, the pack­ag­ing width, and the con­veyor speed in order to configure the DeltaPac pa­ram­e­ters individually.

It is also easy to set up com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the ma­chine au­to­ma­tion sys­tem so that spe­cific pa­ram­e­ter val­ues can be trans­ferred to the DeltaPac when switch­ing be­tween dif­fer­ent types of pack­ag­ing. The flex­i­bil­ity with which the sen­sor can be con­fig­ured via the ma­chine con­troller is of par­tic­u­lar ben­e­fit for ma­chines that fre­quently switch be­tween prod­ucts or pack­ag­ing vari­ants.

DeltaPac opens up new pos­si­bil­i­ties in the con­struc­tion of pack­ag­ing ma­chines. There is no longer a need for ma­chine el­e­ments to buf­fer and pile up pack­ages, or for the use of sep­a­rat­ing mech­a­nisms.

This cuts costs and im­proves the room bal­ance of the ma­chine. The prod­uct stream and pro­duc­tion process are sta­bilised be­cause pack­ages no longer fall over, thus pre­vent­ing col­li­sions. Ma­chine down­times, in­cor­rectly po­si­tioned la­bels or straws, in­cor­rect place­ment when group­ing pack­ages, and loss of qual­ity due to crashes are all re­li­ably elim­i­nated – with pos­i­tive re­sults for the ef­fi­ciency of the pack­ag­ing ma­chine in terms of time, en­ergy, and avail­abil­ity.

End-to-end con­veyance, gap­less de­tec­tion, re­li­able dis­tinc­tion and er­ror-free count­ing – the SICK DeltaPac is the in­no­va­tive and in­tel­li­gent so­lu­tion for ef­fi­cient pack­ag­ing mon­i­tor­ing, and re­li­able qual­ity in pack­ag­ing pro­cesses.

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