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Boge Com­pres­sors has im­proved one of the most popular mod­els in its range by in­cor­po­rat­ing a si­lenc­ing hood on an al­ready quiet com­pres­sor.

The CL range is a di­rect drive, oil in­jected screw com­pres­sor from 5hp, 19cfm up to 20hp, 79cfm. This range is renowned for their re­li­a­bil­ity and ease of ser­vice.

Boge use the WEG-IE3 high ef­fi­ciency mo­tor, and due to the wind­ings of this new mo­tor the firm in­tro­duced the si­lenc­ing hood on the three largest mod­els to fur­ther re­duce the noise level or dB(A) rat­ing.

All units in this range in­clud­ing 5hp, 7hp, 10hp, 15hp and 20hp can be pur­chased as ei­ther a base mount unit, on a tank or as a com­plete air cen­tre on a tank with a re­frig­er­ated air dryer. Mod­els 10hp, 15hp and 20hp can now also in­clude the si­lenc­ing hood as an op­tion on any of the above con­fig­u­ra­tions.

An ex­am­ple of the dif­fer­ence in the dB(A) for the 15hp and 20hp is a de­crease of 6dB(A) when the si­lenc­ing hood is in­cluded.

It is gen­er­ally ac­cepted that a dif­fer­ence of 3dB(A) nor­mally dou­bles the strength of the sound, so a re­duc­tion of 6dB(A) is a sig­nif­i­cant re­duc­tion in the strength of the sound.

This means the com­pres­sor can be used in­doors, in a work­shop en­vi­ron­ment, and in most cases it will be qui­eter than almost all other ma­chines op­er­at­ing.

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