Wa­ter blaster break­through

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Aussie Pumps has launched a new en­gine drive pres­sure cleaner. The Aussie 30 Scud comes in a com­pact well de­signed frame trol­ley with four big 10-inch pneu­matic tyres and steel wheels. The unit is at­trac­tive in ap­pear­ance, ro­bust and de­signed to be “bul­let­proof”.

The wa­ter pres­sure pro­vides real whack and achieves clean­ing tasks with less wa­ter than con­ven­tional ma­chines of the same size, claims the maker.

The heart of the ma­chine is a Ber­tolini triplex pump de­vel­op­ing 3000 psi per­for­mance from a dy­na­mite Honda 6½ HP petrol en­gine. The ma­chine is backed by Honda’s three-year en­gine war­ranty along with Ber­tolini’s three­year pump end war­ranty.

Stan­dard equip­ment in­cludes 10 me­tres of top qual­ity high pres­sure wa­ter blaster hose, a top qual­ity 4,000 psi rated gun and a Vario lance. The ma­chine is also fit­ted as stan­dard with a safety pro­tec­tion kit that in­cludes a ther­mal dump to pre­vent dam­age from ex­tended by­pass op­er­a­tion, and a safety valve that pro­tects both ma­chine and op­er­a­tor from pres­sure spikes.

The ma­chine of­fers in­te­grated de­ter­gent in­jec­tion to speed the clean­ing process. It en­ables the op­er­a­tor to ap­ply non-caus­tic clean­ing chem­i­cals to the job at low pres­sure and then to blow the dis­solved dirt or grease off at a full pres­sure.

Safety is a big is­sue and Aussie has made sure that the ma­chine com­plies with the new Safety Pres­sure Cleaner Stan­dards for Class A ma­chines. The Scud frame lends it­self to safety with vir­tu­ally no sharp edges on the ma­chine.

The ma­chine is avail­able in three ver­sions. The stan­dard ver­sion comes with a 10 me­tre high pres­sure hose but ver­sions 2 and 3 of­fer high pres­sure hose reels as stan­dard equip­ment.

Hose reels make clean­ing safer by stor­ing high pres­sure hose on the ma­chine when not in use. Hose is a ma­jor ob­sta­cle in the work­place. Cor­rectly stored hose on the reels also ex­tends hose life as abra­sion and wear is min­imised. Statis­tics show that 90 per­cent of pres­sure clean­ing in­juries are gen­er­ated by high pres­sure hose fail­ures.

Tur­bolances that build the ef­fec­tive work­ing pres­sure of the ma­chine up to 4,800 psi are an es­sen­tial and low cost op­tion. A grit blast kit is also avail­able as well as tele­scopic lances that ex­tend reach up to six me­tres and flat sur­face clean­ers.

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