Keep cool and save with Tru-Strip

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Now is def­i­nitely the time of the year to be think­ing about re­plac­ing or re­pair­ing your strip cur­tains to save en­ergy.

You can eas­ily re­strict tem­per­a­ture loss and save money with Tru-Strip cool store strip cur­tains.

The cur­tains use ther­mally resistant, heavy­duty PVC to min­imise tem­per­a­ture loss or gain, and con­trol air move­ment at freezer and cool store en­try and exit points.

The sys­tem is also proven to in­hibit air­borne pol­lu­tants such as dust and fumes, while low­er­ing noise lev­els by up to 35db.

Tru-Strip cur­tains come as a pre-cut kit­set with all nec­es­sary fas­ten­ings – sim­ple and easy to in­stall. Safety marker strips are stan­dard fea­tures on 200mm and 300mm cur­tains to re­duce fork­lift dam­age to door open­ings. There are 14 dif­fer­ent types of PVC Strip avail­able and it comes in a kit­set for ease of de­liv­ery to your site.

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