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Two large straw­berry pro­duc­ers will be get­ting their Christ­mas or­ders out the door quicker this year.

One of the pro­duc­ers has in­stalled a new pun­net la­belling process, while another has up­graded its con­veyor sys­tem.

Per­rys Berries, based at the end of the Auck­land Air­port run­way, has trans­formed its la­belling from an 8-10 peo­ple man­ual op­er­a­tion to an au­to­mated process that can la­bel up to 200 pun­nets a minute.

EQM’s An­thony Blox­ham rec­om­mended the Dix On­line Pun­net La­belling sys­tem.

“We went and did a site visit and as­sessed their la­bel stock and as­sured them that Dix was the best so­lu­tion for them. The man­ual way was messy, re­quired lots of space and was labour-in­ten­sive.

He says there were a cou­ple of other im­por­tant fac­tors to the so­lu­tion’s brief.

“They didn’t want to add another con­veyor sys­tem, they wanted the la­belling to be done on their ex­ist­ing con­veyor and the other was that the labeller needed to op­er­ate at vary­ing speeds.

Lastly – they also wanted a dual la­belling sys­tem – two la­belling ma­chines side by side on their con­veyor.

“We’ve achieved ev­ery­thing that was in the brief. Bet­ter still is that it can op­er­ate seven days a week and there’s no down­time. If one of the la­bellers does break down, they can con­tinue to op­er­ate with the other.

The Dix labeller can also man­age a wide range of la­bel sizes from 38mm to 65mm and the in­ter­change is swift.

The other large straw­berry pro­ducer was look­ing for a new con­veyor sys­tem that could ac­com­mo­date up to 20 peo­ple work­ing ei­ther side of a con­veyor to sort and pack straw­ber­ries.

The newly in­stalled 15-me­tre con­veyor is a mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the popular C-Chan­nel de­sign and is pow­ered by a STM SM se­ries skew axis high ef­fi­ciency gear drive with a speed con­troller to op­er­ate at var­i­ous speeds.

Op­ti­mum sort­ing and pack­ing speed can now be found to de­liver enough fruit to max­imise the out­put of the pack­ers.

“The con­veyor sys­tem was based on a sim­i­lar for­mat to what they al­ready had, just on a big­ger scale and with many sub­tle de­sign im­prove­ments to make it easy to clean and f lex­i­ble enough to set up to suit the num­ber of pack­ers re­quired each day.

“We were able to pro­duce a 3D model of the de­sign draw­ings that showed the po­si­tion­ing of peo­ple

“This pro­vided the client a bet­ter pic­ture of how it would work and the pack­ing sta­tion lay­out, which is all ad­justable.”

The con­veyor is a kit­set mod­u­lar sys­tem, which was in­stalled and up and run­ning within 24 hours.

With the har­vest sea­son un­der­way, if you’re look­ing to op­ti­mise your pro­duc­tion per­for­mance, con­tact EQM to­day.

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