New Fluke 805 FC Vi­bra­tion Me­ter lat­est ad­di­tion to Fluke Connect

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Fluke Corp. has re­leased the Fluke 805 FC Vi­bra­tion Me­ter, a por­ta­ble multi-func­tion vi­bra­tion screen­ing tool that pro­vides quan­tifi­able in­for­ma­tion on the bear­ing and over­all health of mo­tors and other ro­tat­ing equip­ment, and shares that data in real time via Fluke Connect. The Fluke 805 FC is ideal for front­line me­chan­i­cal trou­bleshoot­ing teams that need re­li­able and re­peat­able mea­sure­ments of ro­tat­ing equip­ment to make im­per­a­tive go/no-go main­te­nance de­ci­sions.

Vi­bra­tion screen­ing is a crit­i­cal part of mo­tor main­te­nance and trend­ing mea­sure­ment data over time pro­vides in­valu­able in­sight into long-term mo­tor health. The 805 FC au­to­mat­i­cally saves vi­bra­tion data wire­lessly to Fluke Connect cloud stor­age so au­tho­rised team mem­bers can view all of the mea­sure­ment data for each as­set with the Fluke Connect app on their mo­bile de­vices be­fore they leave the in­spec­tion site.

With Equip­men­tLog tech­ni­cians and man­agers can get all of their mea­sure­ment data in one place to get the com­plete as­set story. Equip­men­tLog his­tory lets tech­ni­cians as­sign mea­sure­ments to spe­cific equip­ment, cre­at­ing a cloud-based his­tory of all test mea­sure­ment data (e.g. vi­bra­tion, elec­tri­cal, infrared images) for easy ac­cess dur­ing both trou­bleshoot­ing and re­li­a­bil­ity main­te­nance.

Tech­ni­cians can also share mea­sure­ments with other team mem­bers in real time with ShareLive video calls to get ap­provals for re­pairs or get ques­tions an­swered with­out leav­ing the field.

The hand­held Fluke 805 FC mea­sures over­all vi­bra­tion from 10 to 1,000 Hz and pro­vides a four-level sever­ity as­sess­ment for over­all vi­bra­tion and bear­ing con­di­tion. It de­tects peaks in the vi­bra­tion sig­nal read­ings of roller bear­ings from 4,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and uses a pro­pri­etary al­go­rithm to in­ter­pret sever­ity to de­ter­mine if the bear­ing is go­ing bad. It fea­tures an infrared sen­sor that au­to­mat­i­cally mea­sures sur­face tem­per­a­ture and dis­plays it along with the vi­bra­tion read­ing for a broader un­der­stand­ing of ma­chine health.

The 805 FC has a unique sen­sor tip de­sign that min­imises mea­sure­ment vari­a­tions caused by de­vice an­gle or con­tact pres­sure. This re­duces op­er­a­tor er­ror and im­proves the ac­cu­racy and re­peata­bil­ity of quick vi­bra­tion screen­ing. The me­ter also pro­vides a sever­ity scale for both over­all vi­bra­tion and bear­ing con­di­tion read­ings, de­liv­er­ing more in­for­ma­tion than typ­i­cal vi­bra­tion pens.

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