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Klinger Style 396C is a unique com­pres­sion pack­ing which is ex­ten­sively used in high pres­sure steam and hy­dro­car­bon valves which re­quire a high de­gree of seal­ing in­tegrity and a very long ser­vice life. It’s very ef­fec­tive de­sign does not al­low the pack­ing to go hard in ser­vice which is com­mon amongst other valve pack­ings. Style 396C re­mains re­silient through­out its work­ing life.

The style 396C is a highly ef­fect prod­uct for use in seal­ing Volatile Or­ganic Com­pounds ( VOC’s) in ap­pli­ca­tions where very low lev­els of emis­sions is the goal to be achieved.

The style 396C has a patented core de­sign with an in­ter­nally sprung high tem­per­a­ture, high pres­sure graphite pack­ing, over braided with car­bon fil­a­ment in­serted ex­fo­li­ated graphite foil.

Due to this con­struc­tion method, style 396C is the most ef­fec­tively de­signed prod­uct on the mar­ket to­day for the seal­ing of fugi­tive fuel emis­sions and is able to con­form and re-con­form through con­stant ther­mal cy­cling to var­i­ous stem, bore and clear­ance con­di­tions in var­i­ous states of degra­da­tion.

Style 396C meets or ex­ceeds all re­quire­ments of A.P.I. 589, 607, and 622 tests as well as the A.P.I. fire test for soft-seated quar­ter turn valves.

All sizes smaller than 10 mm are con­structed with ex­actly the same ma­te­ri­als in pro­por­tion, but re­ori­ented to op­ti­mise them for per­for­mance in very small sizes and des­ig­nated 396C/C.

Style 396C is also pos­si­bly the most ef­fec­tive com­pres­sion pack­ings on the mar­ket to­day for use in con­den­sate and boiler feed pump glands pro­vid­ing many years of trou­ble-free seal­ing.

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