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The au­thor and bio­chemist, Isaac Asimov pre­dicted that “in a prop­erly au­to­mated and ed­u­cated world, then, ma­chines may prove to be the true hu­man­is­ing in­flu­ence. It may be that ma­chines will do the work that makes life pos­si­ble and that hu­man be­ings will do all the other things that make life pleas­ant and worth­while”.

There’s a lot of truth in that although some of us are not ad­her­ing to the ‘pleas­ant and worth­while’ pre­dic­tion, nor are they us­ing their ma­chines for the greater good. But in for­tu­nate coun­tries like New Zealand/Aotearoa ma­chines are our pals and it is amaz­ing what some of them do. Even a lit­tle beastie that marches across my desk when I am bored and/or pro­cras­ti­nat­ing; it has tiny, tiny screws and diminu­tive cogs and for all it is un­so­phis­ti­cated it is a beau­ti­ful lit­tle ma­chine and it amuses me.

But what about those huge and mag­nif­i­cent ma­chines that awe us? Is there a ma­chine in your work­place that you par­tic­u­larly love – one that makes you smile at the sheer ap­ti­tude, even per­haps ef­fron­tery, of it? Does it make you go Whoa! or even Good Grief? Let me know – send me a photo and tell me what is so great, out­ra­geous and just darn beau­ti­ful about your favourite ma­chine. It doesn’t have to be com­plex, it could even be the ratty old con­veyor belt that makes you smile be­cause of the way the ap­ples bounce along it. Sur­prise me…

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