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Su­perBlow­ers, said to be the world’s safest pulse clean­ing dust fil­ters, are on their way to New Zealand. The Su­perBlower fil­ter sys­tem de­vel­oped by JKF In­dus­tri in Den­mark has been con­tin­u­ously de­vel­oped to pro­vide the best pos­si­ble so­lu­tion in terms of safety, op­er­at­ing per­for­mance, en­ergy ef­fi­ciency and long term low cost own­er­ship ac­cord­ing to Ge­off Eb­don, sales manager from NZ Duct&Flex, which is JKF’s New Zealand dis­trib­u­tor. With hun­dreds sold world­wide, they will start to ap­pear in our mar­ket from June this year. The first one is al­ready in pro­duc­tion in Den­mark for a cus­tomer in Ash­bur­ton.

Th­ese fil­ters are the first of­fer­ing a new level of safety in the in­dus­try.

Dust is ex­plo­sive and dust fil­ters can (and some­times do) ex­plode, with dev­as­tat­ing con­se­quences for sur­round­ing build­ings and, more im­por­tantly, staff. The force of the ex­plo­sion can hurl pan­els and small parts like nuts and bolts for hun­dreds of me­tres. Fol­low­ing some cat­a­strophic ex­plo­sions that re­sulted in many deaths and mul­ti­ple in­juries in the late 90’s, gov­ern­ments in Europe in 2002 and the USA in 2008 in­tro­duced laws which made ex­plo­sive re­lease mem­branes manda­tory for all dust col­lec­tors. The mem­branes re­lease the ex­plo­sion in a con­trolled man­ner.

How­ever, th­ese mem­branes, whilst en­sur­ing the bulk of the fil­ter re­mains in one piece, still re­lease a fire­ball which can project 50-100 me­tres from the fil­ter caus­ing dam­age, fires and in­jury to peo­ple.

JKF is a Scan­di­na­vian com­pany, lo­cated in a part of the world fa­mous for their ob­ses­sion with safety. Swedish com­pany Volvo have for decades led safety fea­tures in our mo­tor ve­hi­cles and now has a tar­get that from 2020 no one will die in their ve­hi­cles. JKF based in the small fiord vil­lage of Als in Den­mark de­cided to try to achieve the same re­sult with their dust fil­ters; sim­pelthen

den sikrest it’s called in Dan­ish – sim­ply the safest. Eb­don says the Su­perBlower range of fil­ters ar­riv­ing in New Zealand will take safety to a new level; they are the safest that can be bought. “Our NZ Su­perBlow­ers will be fit­ted with ex­plo­sive mem­branes that re­lease the fire­ball blast just like other fil­ters do, but this time ver­ti­cally to the sky, not hor­i­zon­tally across the work site. In ad­di­tion, there is no fire­ball as no f lame is re­leased, just the shock­wave.”

This fea­ture is called VFV (ver­ti­cal force vent­ing) and is unique to JKF.

Un­less per­son­nel are above the roof of the fil­ter at the time of the ex­plo­sion (un­likely) they will not suf­fer in­jury from the re­lease of the blast. There is lit­tle chance of dam­age to prop­erty or even the body or con­trols of the fil­ter. If an in­ci­dent oc­curs, usu­ally it is a mat­ter of just hav­ing to re­place the socks and the mem­branes, and the site is back in op­er­a­tion.

All th­ese ex­tra safety fea­tures would nor­mally cost ex­tra as well, but JKF has de­cided to ab­sorb the devel­op­ment and parts costs and fit this type of sys­tem to its Su­perBlower and Jet fil­ters at no ex­tra cost. VFV will be stan­dard on th­ese units.

Eb­don sum­marised the new op­por­tu­nity: “As sup­pli­ers, if we can of­fer a safer sys­tem at the same cost as the less-safe one why wouldn’t we? Our laws will change with ef­fect from 1st April this year, mak­ing all di­rec­tors, man­agers and su­per­vi­sors per­son­ally re­spon­si­ble for safety at our re­spec­tive lev­els. Why take the risk?” Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion is avail­able by call­ing 0508 69 38 28 or vis­it­ing www.nzduct.co.nz

Ex­am­ple of VFV fit­ted to top of a fil­ter to al­low ver­ti­cal re­lease only.

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