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There has been a sub­stan­tial amount of Stan­dards work achieved dur­ing the last 12 months, and it ap­pears that for the next 12 months the amount work needed to be com­pleted will con­tinue at the same high level but for a limited range of Stan­dards.

The com­ments that fol­low are the po­si­tion of each com­mit­tee cover the work achieved dur­ing 2014 up to at the end of Jan­uary 2015 for the ma­jor Stan­dards. There are a num­ber of mi­nor Stan­dards, which in the short term, will not have any re­vi­sion work done on them due to lack of re­sources and th­ese stan­dards have been omit­ted from this re­port.

EL-001 This a ma­jor joint com­mit­tee with Australia and New Zealand and cov­ers the fol­low­ing ma­jor Stan­dards;

AS/NZS 3000, Aus­tralian and New Zealand Wiring Rules; A ma­trix of the pro­posed changes to AS/NZS 3000 has been pre­vi­ously agreed to by the EL-001 com­mit­tee. Work­ing groups based on ge­o­graph­i­cal lo­ca­tions in Australia and New Zealand and have been draft­ing pro­pos­als for the amend­ments of each sec­tion of AS/NZS 3000 al­lo­cated to them. It is ex­pected that it will be late 2015 or early 2016 un­til any draft of the pro­posed amend­ments will be cir­cu­lated for public com­ment­ing. AS/NZS 3001, Trans­portable In­stal­la­tions;

No amend­ments pro­posed in the short /medium term.

AS/NZS 3002 Shows and Car­ni­vals;

No amend­ments pro­posed in the short /medium term.

AS/NZS 3003, Med­i­cal lo­ca­tions; An­other joint AS/NZS com­mit­tee is cur­rently auc­tion­ing fur­ther amend­ments which will have a “knock-on” ef­fect on AS/ NZS 3000 sec­tion 2.6 (RCDs) re­quire­ments, and it is ex­pected to be com­pleted late 2015.

AS/NZS 3004 se­ries, Mari­nas and Plea­sure Ves­sels; This stan­dards se­ries was re­cently re-pub­lished in June 2014. No amend­ments pro­posed in the short /medium term.

AS/NZS 3008.1.1 (Australia only), Cur­rent rat­ing of ca­bles; Draft­ing on an amend­ment has com­menced and will take in some ac­tual site mea­sure­ment data made in con­trolled con­di­tions in a lab­o­ra­tory, made on ca­bles em­bed­ded in build­ing ther­mal in­su­la­tion which may re­sult in some up­rat­ing on the cur­rent rat­ings based on IEC com­puter mod­el­ling. The New Zealand ver­sion, AS/NZS 3008.1.2 val­ues will be re­cal­cu­lated from AS/NZS 3008.1.1 val­ues to al­low for the lower am­bi­ent tem­per­a­tures of New Zealand.

AS/NZS 3010, Gen­er­at­ing sets; Re-draft­ing to take in adopted public com­ments re­ceived is al­most com­plete, and the re­vi­sion nec­es­sary to clear public com­ment re­ceived was ex­ten­sive, the draft is to be re­leased for a 2nd public com­ment pe­riod in mid-2015, pub­li­ca­tion is ex­pected late 2015.

AS/NZS 3012, Con­struc­tion and De­mo­li­tion sites. Draft­ing of an amend­ment has been in progress for some time and had been public com­mented on to clear the public com­ments re­ceived, the draft com­ple­tion has been held up by the need to take ac­tual light level mea­sure­ments on a typ­i­cal site of light­ing lev­els re­quired for safe egress. The draft is ex­pected to be re­leased for a 2nd public com­ment pe­riod in mid-2015, pub­li­ca­tion is ex­pected late 2015.

EL-042 This a joint com­mit­tee with Australia and New Zealand and cov­ers the fol­low­ing stan­dards;

AS/NZS 4509 se­ries, Stand­alone re­new­able en­ergy sys­tems;

No amend­ments pro­posed in the short /medium term.

AS 4777 se­ries, Grid con­nected in­verter sys­tems; This stan­dard is be­ing made joint (AS/NZS 4777) and ex­ten­sively re­vised to cater for the new types of grid-connect in­vert­ers cov­ered by IEC 62109. The joint drafts were re­leased for public com­ments in late 2013 and at­tracted ex­ten­sive public com­ments. Th­ese com­ments have now been re­solved by ex­ten­sive re­vi­sion and are ex­pected to be re­leased for a fur­ther pe­riod of public com­ment­ing for Part 2 (in­verter re­quire­ments) in mid-2015. Part 1 (in­stal­la­tion) is ex­pected to be re­leased late 2015. Pub­li­ca­tion of both parts is ex­pected to be by late 2015 or early 2016. AS/NZS 5033, PV ar­rays. This re­vised stan­dard was pub­lished in 2014 (Novem­ber 2014)

AS/NZS XXXX, Bat­tery Sys­tems This is a new ap­proved project to cater for the rapidly in­creas­ing use of bat­ter­ies as a means of on-site en­ergy stor­age for Photo-voltaic sys­tems. The com­mit­tee list that fol­lows is all New Zealand com­mit­tees New Zealand In­ter­na­tional Electrotechnical Com­mis­sion Com­mit­tee This com­mit­tee meets on an “as re­quired” and pro­vides the in­ter­face be­tween Stan­dards New Zealand and the In­ter­na­tional Electrotechnical Com­mis­sion (IEC).

New Zealand Electrotechnical Stan­dards Com­mit­tee This com­mit­tee meets on an “as re­quired” and pro­vides the in­ter­face be­tween Stan­dards New Zealand and the six elec­tri­cal Stan­dards sec­tor com­mit­tees.

Elec­tri­cal In­stal­la­tion Co­or­di­na­tion Com­mit­tee This com­mit­tee meets on an “as re­quired” and pro­vides a fo­rum for the con­sid­er­a­tion of mat­ters in the elec­tri­cal In­stal­la­tion sec­tor Stan­dards, in par­tic­u­lar, for New Zealand ap­pli­ca­tion of the Wiring Rules. For the AS/NZS 3000 re­vi­sion it will also func­tion as the New

Zealand Work­ing Group for all NZ only re­quire­ments of the re­vi­sion. It will also pro­vide the Work­ing Group for the re­vi­sion of sec­tion 8 Verification.

SNZ TR 6120, Low Volt­age sup­ply earthing sys­tems This re­port cov­ers the rec­om­men­da­tion to the Gov­ern­ment on the use of the TT sys­tem of sup­ply as an al­ter­na­tive to cur­rent TN-C-S (MEN) sys­tem of sup­ply. It was pub­lished in July 2014. One point that has been made in this re­port is the need for ex­ten­sive ed­u­ca­tion of New Zealand li­censed elec­tri­cal work­ers to be up-skilled to be able to safely work with the Cur­rent TNC-S (MEN) sys­tem of sup­ply and the changes that the adop­tion of TT sys­tem of sup­ply would bring to elec­tri­cal in­stal­la­tions. Some con­sid­er­a­tion has been given to how this might be done, bi-yearly com­pe­tency cour­ses, EWRB newssheet Elec­tron ar­ti­cles are some of the meth­ods be­ing con­sid­ered. Changes to the Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000) for the TT sys­tem of sup­ply re­quire­ments are likely to be car­ried out by a “TT Sys­tem

of Sup­ply” sup­ple­ment to AS/NZS 3000.

NZS HB 6117, Elec­tri­cal in­stal­la­tions in Dairy sheds

A new Stan­dard pub­lished dur­ing March 2014

NZS 6115, Mo­bile med­i­cal fa­cil­i­ties An amend­ment was made to over­come of op­er­a­tional er­ror in the use of this Stan­dard dur­ing 2014. The present Stan­dards Act is be­ing with­drawn and will be re­placed by a New Act The present Stan­dards Act is to be with­drawn dur­ing 2015

and be re­placed by a new Act. It is ex­pected that the new Act will come into force dur­ing 2015. The new Act is the sub­ject of Se­lect com­mit­tee hear­ings which may make the day to day op­er­a­tion of Stan­dards New Zealand in a com­pletely new di­rec­tion. Un­til the Se­lect Com­mit­tee hear­ings have been com­pleted and have re­ported back to Par­lia­ment, and the new Act passed by Par­lia­ment the new op­er­at­ing model of Stan­dards New Zealand is not known with any cer­tainty.

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