So­lu­tion for seal ring groove ma­chin­ing chal­lenges

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Re­quir­ing close tol­er­ances and high­qual­ity sur­face fin­ish, seal ring grooves is a crit­i­cal fea­ture on many oil and gas com­po­nents. Con­ven­tional meth­ods for ma­chin­ing seal ring grooves of­ten suf­fer from slow pro­duc­tion and poor process se­cu­rity. Mul­ti­ple-op­er­a­tion ap­proach in­cor­po­rat­ing both rough­ing and fin­ish­ing se­quences is an­other time thief. The tools that are be­ing used are sin­gle point or plung­ing cut­ters that are prone to vi­bra­tion. Adding to the chal­lenges is the com­mon use of dif­fi­cult-to-ma­chine ma­te­ri­als such as solid In­conel 718 and cladded In­conel 625. SpiroGroov­ing is a ma­chin­ing method used with the CoroBore XL sys­tem that utilises a spiro­graph tool path to cre­ate clos­e­tol­er­ance seal ring grooves in a very se­cure and pro­duc­tive way.

How it works

SpiroGroov­ing uses a cir­cu­lar spiro­graph tool move­ment in a ta­per. This re­duces chip thick­ness, en­abling light cut­ting ac­tion and in­creased feed. Parts of the in­sert cut­ting edge have an in­ter­rupted cut­ting be­hav­iour, elim­i­nat­ing long chips tan­gling to the tool and spin­dle. With a unique NC-code gen­er­a­tor, SpiroGroov­ing is pro­grammed just in a few easy steps.­quiry #150509.

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