Spe­cialty hy­draulics con­trib­ute to rev­o­lu­tion­ary forestry ma­chine

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A ma­chine de­signed and built in Nel­son is mak­ing har­vest­ing the world’s four bil­lion hectares of forestry land safer and more ef­fi­cient.

The Clim­bMAX Steep Slope Har­vester pro­vides a safe way to har­vest trees from slopes up to 45 de­grees. Around the world, the forestry in­dus­try is seek­ing ways to get work­ers off the slopes to in­crease safety. Clim­bMAX is a huge step change on the way to achiev­ing this.

Gary Allen of Fluid Power So­lu­tions de­signed the hy­draulics sys­tem on the ma­chine. It is en­tirely self-mon­i­tor­ing and sel­f­reg­u­lat­ing.

On the Clim­bMAX, the winch is an in­te­gral part of the ma­chine. Fluid Power So­lu­tions’ self-reg­u­lat­ing hy­draulics sys­tem en­sures the tracks and winch al­ways work in uni­son. It auto-cor­rects if the ma­chine starts mov­ing too fast and it has a blade that de­ploys if re­quired to stop the ma­chine. The en­tire sys­tem is self-mon­i­tor­ing, so the op­er­a­tor only has to set a few sys­tem pa­ram­e­ters and can then con­cen­trate on felling trees.

With the con­trols han­dled by Fluid Power So­lu­tions’ hy­draulics sys­tem, the ma­chine has full f lex­i­bil­ity of move­ment on any slope. It can be on a steep hill in snow, rain, or cold tem­per­a­tures. It hugs the ter­rain and can move side-to-side as well as up-and-down, max­imis­ing the cut area per shift. Last month the fifth Clim­bMAX Steep Slope Har­vester was shipped off to a log­ging com­pany in Canada. In 2014, rep­re­sen­ta­tives from Chile, Canada, and three ma­jor log­ging com­pa­nies in the USA vis­ited Nel­son to have a look at the next gen­er­a­tion har­vest­ing ma­chine.

The ma­chine is the cre­ation of Nigel Kelly, owner of Kelly Log­ging, who had an idea nearly ten years ago. He wanted to find a safe way to get to those steeper slopes that didn’t in­volve putting his work­ers at se­ri­ous risk. Kerry Hill and the team at Trinder En­gi­neer­ing took Nigel’s idea and trans­formed a tra­di­tional me­chan­i­cal har­vester into a winch-as­sisted ma­chine with a lower cen­tre of grav­ity for in­creased sta­bil­ity on steep slopes. Gary Allen and the hy­draulics so­lu­tion com­pleted the trio who brought the vi­sion to life.

Nigel Kelly says his ma­chine is highly pro­duc­tive on the steep­est of slopes and, as a sin­gle op­er­a­tor in a sin­gle ma­chine, it’s quick and ef­fi­cient to set up and go­ing. “In to­day’s en­vi­ron­ment we have to be ef­fi­cient, pro­duc­tive and safe and Clim­bMAX ticks all the boxes for me,” says Nigel. • Each year the New Zealand forestry in­dus­try har­vests about

43,000ha. • Each year NZ ex­ports $4.7bil­lion in forestry prod­ucts. • Forestry prod­uct ex­ports make up more than 10 per­cent of the

coun­try’s to­tal ex­ports. • Around the world, there is a to­tal for­est area of four bil­lion


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