A new bench­mark in biodegrad­abil­ity

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A lu­bri­cant for ro­tary screw air com­pres­sors of­fers a new stan­dard of biodegrad­abil­ity – 96 per­cent – and within 28 days of it be­ing dis­posed of there are al­most no traces left in the con­den­sate. Tests have shown that, un­like petroleum based f lu­ids, any An­glo­moil BIOPAG CL 46 lu­bri­cant which ends up in com­pres­sor con­den­sate in waste wa­ter sewage sys­tems is bro­ken down and trans­formed into car­bon diox­ide, ni­tro­gen, min­eral salts and wa­ter – none of which are harm­ful to na­ture. It is no longer nec­es­sary to have oil/wa­ter sep­a­ra­tors on equip­ment. The lu­bri­cat­ing f luid can be re­moved along with the wa­ter.

Apart from the en­vi­ron­men­tal ad­van­tages, An­glo­moil BIOPAG CL 46 im­proves re­li­a­bil­ity, per­for­mance, equip­ment life span and safety. Un­like con­ven­tional hy­dro­car­bon oils it is non-var­nish­ing and will not ox­i­date. It dis­solves any var­nish left be­hind by other lu­bri­cants. The “green” for­mu­la­tion is re­sis­tant to sludg­ing (un­like petroleum based prod­ucts), it is non foam­ing, has a high vis­cos­ity in­dex (173) and a higher f lash point (271°C) and ig­ni­tion point (388°C) than hy­dro­car­bon f lu­ids. An­glo­moil BIOPAG CL 46 out­per­forms other syn­thetic f lu­ids with ex­cel­lent seal com­pat­i­bil­ity with nat­u­ral rub­ber and syn­thetic seals. It of­fers strong ther­mal con­duc­tiv­ity to keep com­pres­sors run­ning cooler and cor­ro­sion pro­tec­tion.

An­glo­moil BIOPAG CL 46 comes from the fam­ily owned busi­ness es­tab­lished 40 years ago to pro­duce niche ex­treme per­for­mance blends which out­per­form the ma­jor brands.

Com­pres­sor hire/ser­vic­ing com­pany Premi­Air Hire has hun­dreds of com­pres­sors: “Since we be­gan us­ing An­glo­moil not one ser­vice manager has rung through with a prob­lem. In my role to not hear a sin­gle com­ment in all this time is out­stand­ing. The bonus is that An­glo­moil prod­ucts are com­pet­i­tive on price,” said James Wil­liams. www.demm.co.nz/reader-en­quiry #150524.

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